Defeat of Trump in election triggers VJ-Day style celebrations in DC

Just before Noon on Sat, Nov 7, the big corporate media outlets called Penn and the entire election for Biden. With Trump facing defeat unless GOP state legislatures throw out the votes, DC broke into huge street celebrations reminescent of the end of the Second World War Four years of Fascist terror have hopefully come to an end in the US.

Video: celebrations in DC, Luke on the 4 hard years to get here and what's next 1 min 33 sec

The scene on 16th st at K st facing Black Lives Matter Plaza. Trump to be evicted from the White House on Jan 20

Protesters march giant inflatable Trump-headed rat through the streets

A march from the ongoing events at McPherson Square to the White House featured a giant inflatable Trump-headed rat. This is symbolic among other things of Trump's insults about Baltimore and urban residents last year. The count continued as this was written, with Trump fuming about having GOP state legislatures toss out the votes and submit GOP electors anyway.

Video-Trump Rat in march set to "Trump is a rat" song 1 min 14 sec

The Shortwave Report 11/06/20 Listen Globally!

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Shut Down DC circles White House with bikes, cars, and march

On the 5th of November, as Trump sought to stop the counting of ballots in multiple states, protesters demanded that every vote be counted. Here in DC, Shut Down DC circled the boarded-up, fenced area around the White House over and over with bikes, a car caravan, and a march.

Video-protesters circle the White House by bike, car, and foot 1 min 35 sec

GOP party militants attempt "Brooks Brothers Riot" to forcibly stop count in Detroit

On Nov 4, the same day the Trump campaign sued Michigan attempting to stop the count, GOP party militants stormed a building in Detroit where ballots were being counted. For all their "Stop the Count" chants, this "Brooks Brothers Riot part II" failed to put a stop to the apparently well-defended count.

Video: attempted "Brooks Brothers Riot" chants "Stop the Count!" in Detroit 53 sec

Shut Down DC marches visit RNC and other targets, join rally at McPherson

On the 4th of November, Donald Trump put into place his plans to stop/steal the election with the first of many "stop the count" lawsuits. Michigan was his first target. On the same day, protesters showed up at Republican Party headquarters and many other places participating in Trump's efforts to seize ongoing power. The day culminated in a Count Every Vote rally at McPherson Sq and dancing into the night at BLM Plaza.

Video: Speaker from Uganda on election interference there in 2016 1 min 28 sec

More Video: Shut Down DC marchers in the streetby Shut Down DC, 1 min 7 sec

Extinction Rebellion at Republican Party headquarters (Shut Down DC photo)

Fuck the President march marches from BLM Plaza to 4D

On the 3ed of November, shortly before both sides tried to declare victory in the Presidential election a "Fuck the President" march took to the streets from BLM Plaza. This march picked up a sizable crowd from the go-go truck's exit march-and proceeded to march all the way to MPD's 4D police station for Karon Hylton.

Activists with shields at MPD's darkened and mostly shut down 4D headquarters

Cops threaten to tow go-go truck as protests begin at BLM Plaza, McPherson Sq

BLM-DC video-cops force back crowd so they can threaten to tow go-go stage truck 31 sec

On the evening of Nov 3, protesters opposing Trump's expected attempt to stop the vote count and steal the election gathered. There was trouble in less than an hour as cops forced back the crowd on BLM Plaza, threatening to tow the go-go stage truck. The truck was moved to McPherson Square, so soon two places filled with protesters.

7PM at BLM Plaza

Last-minute prep in "prewar" Washington: Fence, National Guard-and facial recognition

On the 2nd of November, a small number of protesters faced off against "Jesus freaks" on BLM Plaza. Nearby, crews raced to install a high fence around the White House and buildings all over downtown were still furiously boarding up. This as reports of National Guard mobilizations circulated and the Washington Post called out Park Police for using facial recognition software against at least one George Floyd protester.

Workers installing J20/George Floyd protests style fence all around the White House area

Police harass ShutDownDC public meeting on Black Lives Matter Plaza

On the first of November, ShutDown DC set up chairs, a table, and a tent on Black Lives Matter Plaza for a public meeting and spokescouncil. Within minutes, MPD cops starting hassling them about DCRA, vending regulation, and Mayor Bowser's proclaimation used during the summer to harass Black Lives Matter activists on BLM Plaza.

A bunch of cops showed up before this tent could even be fully opened up.