Mock arrest of Darren Wilson after Dept of Justice refuses civil rights charges

On the 26th of January, the weekly Monday vigil for those murdered by police featured Code Pink staging a mock arrest of Darren Wilson while speakers condemned the so-called Dept of Justice for refusing to recommend civil rights charges be filed against him. Darren Wilson is the killer cop who gunned down Michael Brown in Ferguson. Now he is among the world's most wanted fugitives, he can't even go to 7-11 to buy a pack of skittles without fearing arrest not by the government but by the people.

Video of the mock arrest

Local News

On the 26th of January, mainstream media outlets reported that a hobbyist drone crashed somewhere on the White House grounds and was "self reported" by the hobbyist. The White House, of course is where all the orders come from for much larger CIA drones to bomb and kill people all over the world, yet they are whining about this tiny, unarmed hobbyist drone.

Code Pink photo at the US Chamber of Commerce

The 21st of January, 2015 marked the 5th anniversary of the Supreme Court's notorious Citizens United case, which legalized unlimited corporate campaign cash in US poltiics. Protesters showed up in multiple locations. Five people were arrested disrupting the Supreme Court's opening day of the year for yelling "One person, one vote" according to NBC News. Public Citizen staged a substantial rally at the White House, and Code Pink showed up in front of the US Chamber of Commerce, which represents some of the major beneficiaries of Citizen's United.

Undercover cop at DC Ferguson protests

On the 20th of January, Untold Carslyle published this photo of an undercover cop that has been seen around most or all of the DC Ferguson protests. Looks like we've just caught another "Missy," the undercover cop who was caught by DC activists in 2013 because she had a big mouth on Twitter.