Breaking: 2nd killer cop "acquitted" in Freddie Gray case

On the 23ed of June, killer cop Caesar Goodson was found "not guilty" by a judge on all counts including depraved heart murder. He had refused to face a jury for his crimes, and judges are paid by the same government and businessmen as the police. Casear Goodson is the cop that drove the van recklessly, giving Freddie Gray one of Baltimore's infamous "rough rides." This led to a broken neck and the death of Freddie Gray. Caesar Goodson is the second cop to be acquited outright and the third cop the courts have refused to convict, as trial of another of these cops (the first one tried) ended in a mistrial.

Local News

Critical Mass DC on Penn Ave passing the World Bank

Critical Mass bike rides still take place here in DC, currently on the last Friday of every month.

The June ride took to the streets about a half hour later than usual to give riders time to assemble after a heavy rainstorm passed through, then set out at about 8:30PM with somewhere around 50 riders.

Video of Critical Mass DC for June 2016

On Thursday, the 23ed of June, protesters showed up at the White House demanding that 28 now-classified pages of the 9-11 report detailing Saudi complicity in 9-11 be released. One of the signs chared Obama with concealing the lies of George W Bush.

Musical video of the protest originally posted to Youtube by Richard Ochs

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