Video coverage of DNC protests: Some say "Bern it Down"

Protests against Hillery's bought and paid for Democratic National Convention began as news broke that DNC chair Wasserman Schultz had resigned over hacker-released emails snowing systematic DNC efforts to favor Hillery over Sanders in the primaries. First up on Sunday, July 24 was the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. The lead contingent was Native Americans warning that no oil or gas pipelines would be permitted to cross their land and poison their water. Further back was a contingent opposing the TPP trade deal Hillery claims to oppose but is suspected of lying about that opposition. Later in the day a march of Bernie Sanders supporters marched all the way to the gates of the heavily fortified convention site.

7-24:Video from the March for a Clean Energy Revolution

7-24:Video from the "Bernie or Bust" march on the DNC

7-26:Black DNC Resistance says "Hillery Delete Yourself!"

7-26: Roll Call video: Sanders supporters walk out of the DNC over Clinton nomination

Sanders supporters with "Bern it Down" banner after march from City Hall to the fortified DNC site

Local News

Over the weekend of July 9-10, DC Stampede and Tidewater Earth First! combined forces to protest at the homes of three executives of Skanska USA ijn Virginia. There is a report that police used a pretext traffic stop against one of the activist cars to bully and intimidate the passengers in the car demanding personal information. Skanska is building a new vivisevction laboratory for the University of Washington, and the national No New Anijal Lab campaign has sworn to prevent it from ever opening.

On the the 8th of July, the DC Bike Party took to the streets once again, now having been in existance for four years. Although not the largest ever, this was a very large bike party of hundreds of riders. This was also roughly the 4th anniversary of the first DC Bike Party In this ride, a few riders wore signs saying things like "Black Lives Matter" and "Disarm the police."

Video from the 1st half of the July 2016 DC Bike Party

Come Out to Support President Obama Granting Leonard Peltier Clemency.
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