Protesters at DOJ lay flowers for those tortured to death in US custody

On the 26th of June, Amnesty International, Witness Against Torture, and others showed up at the Dept of Justice to denounce continuing US torture. The DOJ was called out not only for refusing today to prosecute torture at Guantanimo Bay and elsewhere but also for explicitly authorising it during the Bush years. During the protest, flowers were laid on the concrete barrier planters outside DOJ memorializing those who died under torture in US custody.

Video of protesters laying flowersat DOJ and of the tools of force-feeding at GITMO

Local News

On the 30th of June, Code Pink showed up in front of the White House in opposition to continuing threats of war against Iran. This time around, they offered swing dance lessons to anyone who was interested. Several passersby and tourists took them up on the dance lessons.

Video of Code Pink's dance lessons (39 sec)

Photo by Harris from the Post

On the 26th of June, cops and city workers were met with barricades as they arrived to evict a homeless camp under a Baltimore freeway overpass. The campsite is at Martin Luther King Ave and Mulberry st, sheltered by the freeway overpass. Using civil disobedience, activists sought to defend the camp from this assault by the forces of wealth and urban removal.

Video of the blockade by Harris from the Post,originally uploaded to Vine

Photo by Beyond Extreme Energy

On the 23ed of June, the Senate voted to cut off debate on the "fast-track" bill for the TPP, TISA, and TTIP trade treaties. The proposal only needs 50 votes to pass in Wednesday's final vote. Beyond Extreme Energy confronted Sen Dianne Feinstein in her office over her support for TPP fast-track while other activists took up a position on the corner of the Capitol grounds. Just after 11:30AM, the 60th vote to cut off debate was cast.