Code Pink protests for Gaza at SecState Kerry's home

At 6PM on the afternoon of July 29, US Secretary of State Kerry received a home visit protest from Code Pink, demanding he "stand strong against Netanyahu." US support makes Israel's increasingly deadly campaign against Gaza, which has included bombing or shelling at least one hospital and a UN-run school possible. Recent news footage from Gaza resembles bombed-out Berlin in 1945. Secretary of State Kerry and President Barrack Obama have the power to stop this war, probably Israel would pull out to avoid a cutoff of aid from the US.

Photo by Code Pink

Local News

On the evening of July 30th, opponents of Israel's war in Gaza read out the names of the dead over an hour and a half, by candles as it began to darken. At the time the vigil began the total Palestinian death toll had reached 1,200.

Stirring video of the vigil

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On the 27th of July, I saw these posters while riding past Union Station. They condemn Union Station for paying poverty wages while making $168 million a year, and ask people to sign a petition. The word "strike" is prominantly featured on the posters, which can be construed as a warning to Union Station to pay a living wage or else.