Reportback from Rally4Refugees

On the 28th of August DCRally4Refugees held a mixed concert/speaking event at Sylvan Theater near the Washington Monument. Bands alternated with speakers as organizers sought to raise funds and connect people with groups active on refugee issues. They pointed out that more people have been displaced from their homes now than ever before, and due to the war in Syria the total number of international refugees has now topped 20 million. A tiny number of Trump supporters tried to counterprotest this event, but at one point a pair of Code Pink activist counter-counterprotesting them was equal to 40% of their numbers. Meanwhile, a speaker from El Salvador called out the utter hypocrisy of those who benefit from migrant labor while demanding migrants leave.

Some video highlights of DCRally4Refugees

Advocates in life jackets symbolize the dangers faced on the water by one of the largest refugee populations in human history

Local News

Early AM on Sun, August 21, the entire area of K and L streets between N Cap st and 1st st NE was overrrun with cops while transgender sex workers were forced to move east to a temporary area to meet their clients. Presumably their clients knew to check further east if the normal area was overrun with pigs, as this is the direction cops have been pushing them since condos took over the old 5th and K area. Out of state cars seen parked near places like NPR radio were harassed with fake "crime alert" parking tickets whose real purpose no doubt was to warn that license plates were being logged by cops. The broken piles of car window glass indicating an active car break-in zone have never been evident in that area, thus casting doubt on any actual "crime" problem concerning anything other than sex work.

Marching around the DC Jail and the privately owned "Correctional Treatment Facility"

Update August 6: A/C still not working 4 days after contractors worked on it in front of protesters-they need to finish the job!

On the 14th of July, "LT" Leslie Irby died from the effects of extreme heat in the DC Jail. The air conditioning system has been broken since before that time and inmates have reported temperatures as high as 100F in their cells. On the 3rd of August, Cease Fire: Don’t Smoke the Brothers and Sisters led a march on and around the jail demanding repairs and an end to the baking hot cells. On the very day the protesters arrived a crane was set up, with a new condensor section for that HVAC system being slung to hoist to the roof where maintainance crews were finally at work. The odds that this is a cooincidence are low, given that the system has been broken for many weeks.

Video including (near end) confrontation with senior jail official who retreated from protesters

Over the weekend of July 9-10, DC Stampede and Tidewater Earth First! combined forces to protest at the homes of three executives of Skanska USA ijn Virginia. There is a report that police used a pretext traffic stop against one of the activist cars to bully and intimidate the passengers in the car demanding personal information. Skanska is building a new vivisevction laboratory for the University of Washington, and the national No New Anijal Lab campaign has sworn to prevent it from ever opening.