We Act Radio posts video of council candidate debate on racism, gentrification, and displacement

We Act Radio has posted this Youtube video video of the at-large City Council candidate's debate on racism, gentrification, and displacement. Video about 2 hours, 11 min, sound low first couple minutes

Local News

Respect DC is reporting that DC's decision to support Wal-Mart by relocating a bus stop to directly in front of the store and installing pay parking meters on Peabody Street has devastated nearby small businesses. One business owner was quoted as saying "I have customers that tell me, ‘I want to come to your store, but the bus drops me at Walmart.’"

Still cropped from the Youtube video. The gun in in the right hand of the man wearing the black suit. When it was fired the camera was pointing too low. Thankfully the gun was also pointed in an ineffective direction when it was fired!

On the 29th of September, a security guard at the Embassy of Ethiopia fired one shot from his sidearm at protesters opposing the current government of Ethiopia who appeared to have succeeded in entering the Embassy courtyard. Secret Service arrested the security guard, fortunately his bullet missed all the protesters. It did smash a window in a bystander's car.

Youtube video of security guard shooting at protesters

           Hundreds promise to protest upcoming CBC Annual Conference