Light Brigade remembers Sandra Bland at Supreme Court and Capitol

On the 28th of July, the Light Brigade deployed lighted letters at the US Supreme Court and US Capitol to remember Sandra Bland. Police in Texas arrested Sandra and held her in jail for defying an illegal order from a cop at a traffic stop to put out her cigarette-in her own car. Three days later she was found dead in her cell with a noose around her neck. Some say she was lynched, certainly hanging is the very symbol of lynching. Sandra's mother has said "this means war" at her daughter's funeral. Her family and friends say there is no way she would have killed herself.

Video-Light Brigade sings in memory of Sandra Bland

Local News

On the evening of July 23, DC Stampede visited Mongomery Villager, MD, home of Martin Sharpless, VP of Skanska USA Building. They found most of his neighbors disapproved of his company's work at University of Washington (state) building a new vivisection laboratory. Four signed letters asking him to drop the contract.

Apache Stronghold calls out Sen John McCain, Sen Jeff Flake, and Rep Ann Kirkpatrick for slipping the mining deal into the 2015 NDAA.

On the 22nd of July, Apache Stronghold rallied in front of the US Capitol to demand passage of HR-2811, the Save Oak Flat Act. This act would reverse the late-night addition of the "SouthEast Arizona Land Exchange" to the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA). Three politicians instrumental in addding this totally unrelated rider to transfer sacred Apache land to Resolution Copper LLC for a destructive copper mine to the NDAA were singled out by name and presented as devils in a banner. They are Senators John McCain(R-AZ), Sen Jeff Flake(R-AZ), and Rep Ann Kirkpatrick(D-AZ).

Update 7-22 10PM: After the rally, grandmothers and young women were threatened with immediate arrest and "escorted out" of the House office buildings after including Rep Paul Gosar in their visits to members of Congress. He hid behind a locked door and demanded Capitol Police remove all Apache people immediately.

Video-calling out McCain, singling out Kirkpatrick for betrayal(5 min 8 sec, 360x640, 36Mb)

Not sure what the original problem was, but when this video was shot one problem was that there were too many cops! And only one young guy documenting it on his cell phone.

By the end of the last video, there were fewer cops, and more people recording with their phones.