Lacy's reportback from police attack on French COP21 protest

On the 29th and 30th of November, DC area activist Lacy Macauley was on the front lines in Paris as climate activists defied the government's protest ban. She reports that police in riot gear advanced on and beat seated protesters, kettled the protest, and made numerous arrests-only to suddenly lose interest in further arrests.

Lacy's video of cops clubbing seated protesters in Paris

Local News

On Black Friday, the 27th of November, the in-store protest at Miller's Furs ended in a police attack on the protesters. Two were handcuffed and two more were detained. Three escaped the scene entirely, as police arrived well after protesters had exited the store and as they were leaving the entire area. A total of 12 police cars showed up with sirens screaming. During the detainment, one of the cops mentioned having received a report that protesters were smashing windows at the store. None were broken or even hit in reality. If this report came from Manny Miller, he is guilty of filing a false police report.

Protesters inside the Tenleytown Whole Foods-screenshot of unprotected thumbnail of video posted to Facebook

On the evening of Black Friday, November 27, Direct Action Everywhere protested inside the Tenleytown Whole Foods. They were protesting fake "cruelty free" turkeys being sold sometimes at triple digit prices to Whole Foods customers. Days earlier, Whole Foods released this video comparing the single "Potemkin Village" turkey farm Whole Foods uses to promote their "cruelty free" turkeys to the farms the birds actually come from.

Video of the protest inside Tenleytown Whole Foods

Inside "Neiman-Carcass"

The 27th of November was Black Friday, known to animal rights activists as Fur Free Friday. This year, activists managed to march through both Neiman-Marcus in DC and Miller's Furs a little over a mile north of DC in Maryland. At Miller's Furs things got a bit rough, first with the store owner freaking out, then police cars with sirens screaming roaring up to activists as they were leaving the area. Although the protesters were detained none were arrested. At least one person escaped the cops outright.

Video of protesters marching through Neiman-Marcus,Miller's Furs