DC protests if no Ferguson indictment, and grand jury updates

Late evening 21st of November, multiple separate sources reported over Twitter that the grand jury investigating police officer Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown has reached a decision. The reports indicated that the decision would not be announced until Sunday. The next day, new reports claimed the grand jury had NOT reached a decision. If it is announced or leaks that Darren Wilson has not been indicted, protesters will assemble on "the day after" at 7PM at Mount Vernon Square here in DC.

CURRENT STATUS Nov 23 3PM:Grand Jury to reconvene Monday,unknown if for anouncement or further deliberations.

Update 11-22-1:30PM:There are now claims from CNN that the grand jury did not reach a decision Friday, but on the other hand the St. Louis County Justice Center is being barricaded, the schools there are closed all next week, here in DC riot cops are on full alert, and at 7PM Central Time Friday the mainstream media was given a 48 hour alert to expect an announcement.

Update 11-22-1:41PM: the Grand Jury has definately reached a decision, may have decided as long ago as Thursday, thus the school closures and police alerts. Strategic considerations governing the decision to sit on the decision until Sunday, possibly Sunday morning

Update 11-22-3:54PM NBC, CNN now claiming NO decision yet, grand jury to reconvene Monday. There are now jokes circulating that the mainsteam media "will riot" over this. Could such "jokes" be a way to prepare the ground for more arrests and beatings of photographers?

Update Sun, 11-23-1:41PM:CBS News reports "final preparations" in Ferguson, yet decision to be announced "not before Monday."

Local News

Photo by Stop the Frack Attack

On the morning of November 6, 11 activists were arrested as the 4th day of blockades in a row again made it difficult for employees of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to get to their rubber stamps. One of the blockades was a die-in across 1st st NE.

Still cropped from the Youtube video. The gun in in the right hand of the man wearing the black suit. When it was fired the camera was pointing too low. Thankfully the gun was also pointed in an ineffective direction when it was fired!

On the 29th of September, a security guard at the Embassy of Ethiopia fired one shot from his sidearm at protesters opposing the current government of Ethiopia who appeared to have succeeded in entering the Embassy courtyard. Secret Service arrested the security guard, fortunately his bullet missed all the protesters. It did smash a window in a bystander's car.

Youtube video of security guard shooting at protesters

           Hundreds promise to protest upcoming CBC Annual Conference