Code Pink protests trump's war speech at Ft Myer, VA

On the 21st of August, Code Pink showed up at the gates of Ft Myer in Virginia near the Potomac River. Trump was inside to give his "war speech" announcing he is sending 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Code Pink reported that this speech was "bizarre." Code Pink also said the speech was a "nothingburger" with no new ideas whatsoever.

Video from the first part of the Code Pink protest

Local News

On the 20th of August at around sunset, protesters showed up yet again in front of Richard Spencer's house on King St in Old Town Alexandria, the one that doubles as the National Policy Institute office. Nazis showed themselves on the roof seeking to film protesters.

photo by Anthony Torres

On the 18th of August, unknown activists hung a "modern Confederates" banner from the Albert Pike statue by MPD(police) headquarters. Later in the day, red paint was thrown on it during a protest demanding its removal.At one point prior to the paint, a Daily Caller reporter tried to mix it up with protesters, earning himself a rebuke on Twitter for acting like "a prick." When either this "altercation" or another one provided a distraction, the monument get hit with the red paint.

It started with Nazi terror the night before, looking like Berlin 1936

Video: How a night and day of Nazi terror and utmost resistance went down in Charlottesville, and special memorium for Heather Heyer

Update Aug 19:More raw, close-up video of just the Nazis Pay attention to the guy with the red beard circled near the end: he is wanted for a serious assault near the police station.