Climate First!, Greenpeace protest Citibank's funding of Dakota Access Pipeline

Dec 1, 2016 was a global day of action against the Dakota Access Pipeline(DAPL). Here in DC, Climate First! showed up at four Citibank branches demanding they divest from the project. The fourth and final branch had already been visited earlier the same day by Greenpeace. Citibank organized the loan package that is funding construction of the DAPL.

Video from Climate First!'s four Dec 1 NoDAPL Citibank protests

Reminding a Citibank branch that water is life!

Local News

Water protectors in front of Elaine Cho's house.

On the 3ed of December, SURG DC and other opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline marched from the Columbus monument at Union Station to the Capitol Hill home of Wells Fargo board member Elaine Cho. She is married to Senator Mitch McConnell(R-K), and her home in Kentucky received a simultanious protest from the SURJ chapter there. Wells Fargo has agreed to meet with Standing Rock elders but has yet to stop disbursing loan money to the Dakota Access Pipeline project and divest of their major financial interests in the "Black Snake" pipeline.

Video of the NoDAPL march on Wells Fargo board member Elaine Cho's home

This shot was taken with an ordinary daytime fisheye camera that is not even supposed to be any good at night. Too much light for the night vision stuff...

On the evening of 28th of November, the Park Service set up the usual barricades and flashing lights indicating preparatons to shoot deer. By a little after 9PM they disappeared, protesters having threatened to deploy. The Park Service had warned people to be off the trails by 8PM on both Monday and Tuesday nights. They were expected to try again Tuesday, Nov 29 but once again did not show up. Protesters were there instead, and had announced they were coming.

On the Nov 14, Crimethinc and SubmediaTV published a video in multiple places made in the Anonymous style promoting the upcoming protests against Trump's inauguration on Jan 20, 2016. The video explicitly states "the parade must be stopped" and advises "wear black." For protesters to take and hold Penn Ave would probably force the cancellation of Trump's parade, much as extreme cold cancelled Reagan's second Inaugural parade.

DC Direct Action news remix of the Crimethinc/SubmediaTV video with music and some DC-specific clips added