Labor activists march into Wal-Mart, demand fired pregnant worker's job back

Wal-Mart fired Arleja Stevens for pregnancy-related absences two years after agreeing never to do so. On May 25, she walked back into the H st Wal-Mart to demand her job back. She was backed by activists from Making Change at Walmart and DC Jobs with Justice. The manager objected to protesters inside the store but accepted a copy of DC laws pertaining to pregnancy and employment and agreed to meet with her in an "open door" session at 10AM on May 26, 2016. If she does not get her job back protesters will target Wal-Mart's main corporate office in DC on the 7th of June.

Video-marching into Wal-Mart to demand Arleja Stevens's job back

Local News

On the 26th of May, a neo-Nazi propaganda poster promoting Donald Trump appeared on a Metro station post at Union Station. The poster used a caricature of Jews consistant with those drawn in Nazi newspapers in Germany during the 1930's and blamed "Jew media" for "whipping up hysteria" against known racist Donald Trump. This poster is designed to resist removal, being a very difficult to remove sticker of thin paper with very tough glue and probably will leave behind permanent damage to the underlying paint.

On April 28, 2016, a former U.S. Marine and current civilian employee of the US Marine base on Okinawa, Japan raped and murdered a local woman. This was the latest in a decades long string of rapes associated with that particular US military base. On the 26th of May, Code Pink staged a protest at Union Station demanding that the US base on Okinawa be removed instead of rebuilt.

The scene as killer cop Nero's family is followed to their parking garage

On the 23ed of May, the first verdict in the six cases against the police who murdered Freddie Grey was announced. As expected, Officer Edward Nero was found "Not Guilty" by a judge. He declined to face a jury for his crimes, choosing a bench trial instead. Protesters outside the courthouse were told by cops they had to "float," permitted to use neither the street nor the sidewalk. The Baltimore Bloc reported one violent arrest. The courthouse protest was apparently not the only protest of this verdict in Baltimore today.

Youtube video by "Zoo News" showing a larger,second protest at the Western District police station. warning: Youtube tracks all users