Code Pink protests for second day in a row against US bombing of Afghan hospital

On the afternoon of October 7, Code Pink showed up in "bloody" doctor's coats in front of the White House. They were there to protest the US airstrike that killed doctors from Doctors Without Borders and their patients at a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The US has now changed their story 4 times, and talk of Taliban fighters at the hospital is near proof the airstrike was intentional. Doctors Without Borders is now treating this as a war crime until proven otherwise.

Video-Code Pink reads a statement from a Doctors Without Borders survivor of the airstrike

Local News

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Photo by Code Pink

On the 6th of October, Code Pink disrupted a Senate Armed Services Committee to protest the bombing of a hospital by US forces in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Dr Margaret Flowers was arrested during the protest, which featured bloody doctor's clothes symbolic of the Doctors Without Borders physicians who were killed in the bombing.

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