Tough talk at anti-TPP union rally on Capitol Hill

On the 15th of April, large numbers of union supporters gathered on Capitol Hill oppose the proposed TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership. They called this "another NAFTA," and even used the term "SHAFTA" for the trade deals that have been offshoring US jobs and led to plummeting wages since 1994. Multiple members of Congress as well as union officials had some unusually tough talk against the "fast track" bill for the TPP. Fast track means a quick ratification vote with no debate if a treaty is signed, for a treaty whose very text is being kept secret.

Video-tough talk at Capitol Hill rally against the TPP

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Please recommend to the Academy Award Committee that Luke receive an honorary "Oscar" for his documentary of the Clown Army attempting to enter the World Bank-International Monetary Fund Infoshop.  And also an "Oscar" to Jesse Schultz for leading actor. Nota bene:  I am presently sitting at the computer at 4:30 A.M.

Solidarity at the IMF/G20 with Australia's United Voice union

On the 17th of April, as the Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank got underway, a "clown bloc" showed up asking delegates if they would answer on camera "what is the difference between austerity and poverty?" Not one would answer this on the record. Seeking answers the Clown Bloc moved on to the IMF's "infoshop" bookstore, which is open to the public or supposed to be. Security guards aggressively kept them out, this was repeated when some of the clown tried to enter the World Bank seeking the same answer.

Video-clown bloc questions delegates, tries to get in

Video-Interview with Australian citizen concerning solidarity with United Voice union at IMF/G20

Still from John Zangas Youtube video

On the 16th of April, new FERC commissioner Norman Bay got a taste of vehement opposition to his agency's record of rubberstamping fracking related projects. She tried to brush off protests by Calvert County residents and their supporters opposing Dominion's fracked gas export facility now under construction at Cove Point. On of the protesters lampooned the previous FERC director saying "Oh my God, we have a situation here. The situation is not going away," continuing "There is no democracy here. You just ignore what I write on my computer." This in reference to similar remarks by the last commissioner of FERC.

Youtube: Security guards drag citizens from FERC meeting for speaking up