Senator who initiated challenge to election results gets protest at his VA house

On Dec 30, Sen. Josh Hawley was the first GOP Senator to announce he would object to certifying Donald Trump's loss to Biden in the 2020 election. Five days later on Jan 4, activists from Shut Down DC showed up in front of his Northern Virginia house for a protest vigil.

Video:Josh Hawley IsA Liar(produced by Don Winslow, faw footage by @alchymediatv of the peaceful candlelight vigil) 43 sec

Photo by Melissa

"City under siege" feel as buildings stay boarded up over fears of MAGAt violence

As 2020 draws to an end, many buildings downtown remain boarded up. For all the city government's begging building owners to remove the boards, the recent bouts of MAGA/Proud Boys violence and fears of Inauguration street battles are keeping the boards up, and more buildings have boarded up since the brutal Dec 12 MAGA/Proud Boys mess.

The Shortwave Report 12/25/20 Listen Globally!

Dear Radio Friend,     This week's show features stories from  Sputnik Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, Spanish National Radio, and NHK Japan.http://www.outfarpress.com/swr201225.mp3   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB} http://www.audioport.org/index.php?op=producer-info&uid=904&nav=&)        From RUSSIA-&nbsp

Video: 2020 in review: Pandemic, uprising, and a violent transition of power

Video: 2020 in review by Iron Snowflake 21 min 16 sec, link is fixed

Content warning! This is the most violent year I have ever seen in DC and the US. Video include two murders by police, the resulting long hot summer of fighting, fireworks used as artillery, and brutal fighting against the Proud Boys on Nov 14 and Dec 12.

One climax of the year: the fall of the Albert Pike statue

Religious Leaders Press Congress on Puerto Rico Relief, Jobs and Child Poverty

As Congress negotiates a coronavirus stimulus bill, Puerto Rico and US religious leaders met with Congress leaders on job creation, disaster relief and food benefits for Puerto Rico."Nearly 60% of our children, US citizens, live in poverty in Puerto Rico. Our children are in vital need of Congressional action. The suffering our children face from the high level of poverty, the recurring natural disasters and now COVID-19, can only be described as tragic," wrote leaders of Puerto Rico Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Christian (Disciples) and Evangelical Churches to Congress over the summer.

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Dear Radio Friend,     This week's show features stories from  Spanish National Radio, Sputnik Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, and Radio Deutsche-Welle.http://www.outfarpress.com/swr201218.mp3   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB} http://www.audioport.org/index.php?op=producer-info&uid=904&nav=&)        From SPAIN-

Congress Passes Shell Company Accountability Bill

By a vote of 84 to 13, the Senate passed corporate transparency legislation as part of the annual vote on the National Defense Authorization Act. The legislation reveals to authorities the real owners of so-called anonymous shell companies. These types of corporations can hide the identity of their owner and facilitate crime, development aid theft and human trafficking.

Banks get Keystone, Line 3 tar sands pipeline protests, BofA shuts down

On the 11th of December, as Nazi terrorists menaced DC, a courageous band of pipeline warriors assembled in Dupont Circle and marched on DC branches of several banks funding the Keystone XL and Enbridge Line 3 tar sands pipeline. Bank of America shut down their branch in response.

Video: tar sands pipeline protest shuts Bank of America branch 1 min 47 sec

Bank of America's Dupont Circle branch shut down rather than accept a letter signed by Indigenous women. The branch called corporate offices, which told them to refuse the letter

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Dear Radio Friend,     This week's show features stories from  Radio Deutsche-Welle, Spanish National Radio, Sputnik Radio, and Radio Havana Cuba.http://www.outfarpress.com/swr201204.mp3   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB} http://www.audioport.org/index.php?op=producer-info&uid=904&nav=&)        From GERMAN