FERC employees kept out by lockdown, blockades on Day 5 of fracking protests

On the 5th day of fracking and gas export protests at FERC, activists locked down in the driveway and blockaded all doors. The result was a huge crowd of FERC rubber stampers kept outside watching the protest. It took police at least 2 1/2 hours to clear just the driveway blockade, and someone at FERC was reduced to herding their employees like sheep as cops made and changed plans to try and get through the protesters.

There were reports of angry FERC employees trying to push their way past protesters. There was also a report that cops tasered a protester by FERC's back door. The driveway lockdown did not achieve surprise and had to set up the blockade while cops were attempting to stop them. Two confirmed injuries to protesters resulted from that confrontation, but in the end the lockdown crew prevailed and the violent police reaction was defeated. For the next 2 /12 hours they prevented all cars from reaching FERC's garage. Probably many of the FERC rubberstamp crew that showed up on foot paid top dollar to park somewhere else, thus the angry spirit of entitlement as a few tried to push past blockaders. I personally witnesses some of them climbing over the barricades cops set up in an attempt to keep protesters back from the doors, but which simply were incorporated into the blockade strategy.

Video of the 5th day of blockades at FERC focussing on the driveway lockdown

Same video in 1080p full HD quality

The hard lockdown in FERC's driveway. The steel reinforced lockbox was especially hard for the cops to defeat.

John Zangas phots of huge crowd of blocked-out FERC employees, the ones who usually spend their day rubber stamping proposals for new fracking and gas export projects.

The police response to the driveway lockdown

The blockaded side door at FERC

Somebody really wants to get to their rubber stamp today!

This is what they do at FERC when they are not being herded like sheep around protesters against fracking and gas export

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 Hi Luke, Am at the Green Tortoise hostel in San Francisco, and just sent out the link to this climate justice protest action to a hefty amount of radical email addresses worldwide.  I'll be in Cali a bit longer, to continue setting myself up materially, for the great long haul!  Am in daily communication with Mark Creek-Water of the Great Climate March, who is also feeding me information.  My love to all D.C. frontliners, Craig 

good job,  luke !!      thanks for fwd-ing this,  craig !!    sincere-ly,  peace+love,  CREEK-WATER