Anacostia Marches on 7D police station against Mayor's crime bill

On the 20th of October, Anacostia residents and anti-racist activists marched against Mayor Bowser's crime bill. The march started at the Congress Heights Metro station and ended with a street blockade in front of the 7D police station. Mayor Bowser wants to give cops more power to search people's homes and obtain GPS records on almost anyone under court "supervision," essentially legalizing Stop and Frisk for anyone who has already been arrested at least once-and anyone sharing their home.

Update 10-22:Wash Post calls crime bill "dead on arrival."

Video set to music, compiled from Twitter/Vine clips by Taylor Griffin and ActivismTech

Marching on 7D-Photo by Party for Socialism and Liberation

No to Bowser's Stop and Frisk crime bill!

Anonymous claims DC cops ordered to arrest homeless between midnight and 5AM

A Twitter message from Anonymous claims that DC police have been ordered to impose an illegal, de facto curfew on the homeless, arresting them between the hours of midnight and 5 AM. It does not cite a context nor a location. Since there is no legal curfew, these arrests would have to be on made up or spurious "charges of convenience." Alternately they use "evidence" from illegal stop and frisks, known as jumpouts in DC. This kind of spurious arrest was how Freddie Grey got killed. Does DC want a week of protests, riots, and no baseball too?

The Twitter post from Anonymous

SOA Watch protests "war on drugs" inside Sen Rubio's office

On the 24th of April, School of the America's Watch activists culimnated several days of lobbying with a direct action protest inside Sen Marco Rubio's office, calling him out for failing to oppose the failed "war on drugs" that has caused spiraling violence violence in Mexico and elsewhere.

Photo by SOA Watch

Calvert County Sheriff's Dept acting as Dominon's mercenaries

Dominion has hired ten Calvert County sheriff's deputies and two armed patrol boats to protect their plans to export fracked gas at Cove Point. The patrol boats were shown to the media during a string of peaceful protests at Dominion's construction sites. Word at one of the protests was that the ten deputies draw their paychecks from Dominion, not from the Calvert County taxpayers. This implies they also take their orders from Dominion. That in turn makes them mercenaries like Blackwater and not police at all.

Video of armed patrol boats set to "warpigs"

Ferguson, USA: An Episode in the Class War

On August 9 in Ferguson, a small suburb of St. Louis, a cop killed Michael Brown firing 6 bullets into him: this young black man, unarmed, with his arms raised in the air, had made the mistake of not responding to his order to walk on the sidewalk. Michael Brown was left like a dog in the street for several hours without even his parents allowed to come close to his body.There was generalized outrage at this crime among the population and successive violent protests for ten days.

We Act Radio posts video of council candidate debate on racism, gentrification, and displacement

We Act Radio has posted this Youtube video video of the at-large City Council candidate's debate on racism, gentrification, and displacement. Video about 2 hours, 11 min, sound low first couple minutes

DC Homeless Civil Rights Challenge to Shelter Closings Update

Prior to the closing of La Casa Shelter, and as part of an ongoing pattern of displacement, the District closed Franklin Shelter, another low barrier shelter in Northwest, Washington, D.C.[vi] Between the two closures, the District removed all available shelter space in District operated facilities in the Northwest quadrant of the city and reduced its available shelter space for men by over thirty percent (30%).

The pattern of targeting and removal of the largely minority homeless population exhibited by the District defendants and of record includes: i) a clear and undisputed pattern of closing all low barrier public shelter services in largely Caucasian Wards 1 and 2 and relegating the remaining public shelters to Wards 5, 7 and 8, with highest minority populations....

Video from DCFerguson Rally and March

In solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Missouri, a coalition of activists marched in Washington DC. Speakers include (in order of appearance):


Eugene Puryear, ANSWER Coalition


Kymone Freeman, WEACT Radio


Aisha Fleury, Uhuru Movement, Black is Back Coalition


Salim Adofo, National Black United Front


Stuart Anderson, Family and Friends of Incarcerated People


?, Homeless Advocate, Empower DC

 Quicktime movie 1080i


Banks and Investors Challenge Predatory Funds Solutions Fall Short of Comprehensive Protection for Poor Countries

The International Capital Market Association (ICMA), a group of banks and investors, released a new debt framework this morning aimed at reducing the ability of predatory funds and holdout investors to undermine debt restructuring.