"Plague of Debt" street theater marches from IMF to Mall during Cherry Blossoms

On the 12th of April, anti-globalization protesters staged a "Plague of Debt" street theater event against the IMF/World Bank meetings
Street theater video

Code Pink disrupts Egyptian Minister of Finance' event at US Chamber of Commerce

On the 11th of April, Egyptian Minister of Finance Hani Qadri Demian showed up to be "honored” at a luncheon staged by the US Chamber of Commerce, only to face disruption by Code Pink. Video (Youtube)

Video: bike racers train under the cherry blossoms

44 sec video of bike racers training under the cherry trees at Haines Point

Footage of DC area bike racers training under the cherry blossoms on their first or second day open. As of two days later WTOP Radio reported crowds so heavy this was no longer possible, at least at the noon hours reported by them.

Update: Park Police Tasered activist in March 29 arrest at White House antinuclear vigil

While covering the immigration rights march on 4-25 I was told an ugly piece of news: the US Park Police have returned to their old habit of using Tasers against activists believed to be associated with Occupy. When Barry Knight was confronted by US Park Police on March 29 for "having too many signs" as part of an apparent police attempt to drive off the White House peace vigil, the US Park Police shocked him with a Taser, a potentially lethal weapon, then arrested him.