HLS Successor Envigo forced to SHUT DOWN Virginia vivisection lab

The decades-long fight to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences may finally have a decisive ending. This is somewhat old news but is not well known: After Fortress dumped HLS under pressure from SHAC and DC-based DARRT, HLS barely survived. They merged in 2015 with two other companies into a new firm called Envigo, with a new lab in Cumberland, Va. In summer 2022, that lab was finally forced to stop their animal testing.

Sep 2010: Cops w rifles threaten HLS protesters in DC

"Injustice" Clarence Thomas gets another home demo

On the 17th of August, protesters once again showed up at the entrance to the posh private community so-called "Justice" Clarence Thomas lives in.

video from footage by Our Rights DC 1 min 36 sec

No cops showed up for nearly and hour!

"Justice" Amy Coney Barrett gets another home demo

On the 13th of July, so-called "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett received yet another protest at her N Va home. She is also known as "the Handmaid" for her holding that exact title in the far-right Christian cult "People of Praise." The home demos continue, and far-fight whining cannot stop them. Only a guarantee of abortion and gender rights can do that.

Photo by Our Rights DC

"Justice" Alito gets a July 4 residential protest

With all the fireworks of hate coming from the Supreme Court, some protesters decided to show up at "Justice" Alito's house. This was a well-picked target, as in the leaked draft of the Dobbs decision Alito cited 17th century jurist Matthew Hale. Hale is famous for having two women executed for witchcraft as well as originating the doctrine that rape was legal within marriage. This earned Alito the "witchburner" name.

Video-protesters show up, cops do not at Alito's house on July 4 1 min 4 sec

Protesters showed up at Alito's house on July 4, cops didn't

"Justice" Alito gets another residential protest

On the 26th of May, "Justice" Samuel Alito (aka the Witchburner) got yet another abortion rights protest at his Northern Virginia home. He's been getting these for over a year after citing Matthew Hale in the Dobb's decision to let states revoke abortion rights.

Video from raw clips by Our Rights DC 1 min 5 sec

"Justice" Clarence Thomas gets another home protest after gifts scandal breaks

On the 10th of April, protesters returned to the home of Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni. This came after the scandal broke concerning Thomas accepting years of unlawful gifts of luxury travel and hospitality from a billionaire GOP donor.

Video from raw clips by Our Rights DC 32 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

"Justice" Alito gets another home demo

On Sunday, the 19th of February, Supreme Court "Justice" Alito get yet another protest at his northern VA home. Protesters emphasized that he stands for theocracy and is a threat to the lives of trans folks as well as his infamous authorship of the antiabortion Dobbs ruling

Video: protesting at and around Alito's house 1 min 30 sec

Amy Coney Barrett gets another residential protest

Eight months after the leak of the Dobbs decision, protesters are still showing up at the homes of antiabortion/Christian nationalist Supreme Court "Justices." One of these protests took place on Jan 29, 2023. In addition to abortion rights chants, protesters also invoked the name of Tyre Nichols, beaten and tortured to death by murderous Memphis cops.

Video from raw clips by Our Rights DC 2 min 5 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

Activists disrupt Banquet for Capitol Hill "Crisis Pregnancy Center," a fake clinic

On Dec 1, a banquet for the so-called "Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center" was held at a Marriot in Crystal City. Protesters showed up outside chanting and banging drums. In addition, a projector was used to show messages on the side of the building. On top of all else, three protesters got inside and shouted down the proceedings. One person screamed "Jane Says Revenge, motherfuckers! Blood on your hands!

Video of outside action by John Zangas 49 sec

Photo by John Zangas

"Justice" Amy Coney Barrett gets home demo night after Trump's acceptance speech

The 16th of November was just one night after Trump's formal announcement that he is running for the White House again. On that night, protesters again returned to the home of "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett, Trump appointee to the court. She also formerly held the title of "handmaid" in the Christian extremist group People of Praise.

Video from clips by Our Rights DC 1 min 28 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC