Declare Emergency blocks Capitol Beltway

On July 4, as confrontations raged nationally over the nightmare of spreading abortion bans and fundamentalism, Declare Emergency reminded the US that there is still another emergency: the climate crisis. This time around, they blocked the Capitol Beltway to protest unending CO2 emissions.

Still from Ford Fischer video

Supreme Court Marshal's demand for home demo ban gets 1st Amendment read at Kavanaugh's house

After the big post-Dobbs June 29 protests at the homes of "Justices " Kavanaugh's and Roberts, the Supreme Court's marshall sent letters to MD and VA begging them to enforce laws that supposedly ban but actually only regulate residential protests. On Saturday, the 2nd of June, Kavanaugh got a special visit from protesters reading the First Amendment in front of his house.

DC Media Group video: Protesters at Kavanaugh's house read out the First Amendment 2 min 3 sec

Protesters march by Kavanaugh's house in compliance with laws forbidding "stationary picketing" of a residence(Photo by Melissa).

Protest at Kavanaugh's, Roberts' homes attracts much bigger crowd in wake of Dobbs decision

On the 29th of June, many times more people than the previous week answered the call to show up at "Justice" Kavanaugh's and "Justice" Roberts's homes and protest for abortion rights and gender equality.

Video: First two passes on Kavanaugh's house show strength of crowd 1 min 37 sec

Protesters in front of Kavanaugh's house

Protesters march on Gorsuch's private community day after Dobbs decision

On the 25th of June, protesters returned to the entrance to Gorsuch's private road community for the 7th time. This was just one day after the Supreme Court threw half the US population under the bus by overturning Roe V Wade. Since then, the home addresses of the antichoice judges have been widely shared on social media and these protests are growing

Raw Video-protesters approach Gorsuch's private road community chanting "abort the court!" 41 sec

Kavanaugh, Roberts get home demos days before observers expect Dobbs decision

Just two days before what many expect to be a Friday release of the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision to overturn Roe, protesters returned to the homes of Kavanaugh and Roberts. Kavanaugh was singled out as a drunken rapist as well as being notoriously antichoice.

Video of the protests at Kavanaugh and Roberts' houses 2 min

At Kavanaugh's house

"Summer of Rage" continues: Gorsuch gets another home demo

During the May 14th "Bans Off Our Bodies" marches, the Women's March promised the Supreme Court would face a "Summer of Rage." Activists have delivered on this with a string of peaceful protests at the homes of Supreme Court "Justices," to the utter rage of the far right, FOX News, etc. On June 11, the protests once again came to the main road outside "Justice" Gorsuch's fancy private community.

Video: Handmaids and electric guitar at Gorsuch's fancy private community 33 sec

Kavanaugh/Roberts protesters undeterred by rain,drama, heightened security

On the 8th of June, thunderstorms,heavy security, and the day's earlier drama all failed to deter peaceful protesters from showing up at the home of Supreme Court "Justice" and rapist Kavanagh and his co-conspirator "Justice" Roberts. The protesters were there to do exactly one thing: name and shame Kavanaugh and Roberts for their crimes.

Video: Protesters face lines of cops but no conflicts 1 min 45 sec

Lots of cops but no trouble at the Kavanaugh home demo

Police blockade of "private" road forces Gorsuch protests to River Road

Neil Gorsuch is one of the "SCOTUS 6" preparing a formal vote to overturn Roe v Wade. He is also in a stolen seat, thanks to Mitch McConnell blocking Obama's last year SCOTUS appointment. Neil lives in an expensive community with private roads off River Road in MD. On Sat, the 4th of June, protesters arrived on River Road but had to protest at the entrance to the entire community due to a police blockade.

Video featuring song "All you Fascists bound to lose" played at Gorsuch protest 32 sec

Antichoicers protesting doctor's office overwhelmingly outnumbered by counterprotesters

On the 4th of June, only two far-right Christians (w rosary beads even) showed up to protest at the office of a Potomac doctor who performs abortions drew many counterprotesters and at one point were all but surrounded. These two gave the chant "Keep your Rosaries off my Ovaries" literal meaning.

MoCo students, indigenous caravan blockade Rt 355 over climate inaction

On the first of April, student activists backed by the MIGIZI indigenous Caravan and several Green groups blockaded MD Rt 355 in front of Montgomery College in Rockville, MD. The students are demanding that Montgomery County Public Schools entirely end their use of fossil fuels.

Video of the roadblock and ensuing arrests 3 min 25 sec