Disruptors no-show at Sil Spring Drag Queen Story hour after strong defenses set up

Video: photographer's victory job shows off stout defenses 7 sec

On the 20th of August, Draq Queen Story Hour returned to Silver Spring. Fearing a repeat of last time's failed disruption attempts or worse, a wall of activists outside defended the entrance. There was no visible sign of MAGAts, Proud Boys, or other would-be defenders. This was literal "peace through strength" where a strong defense may have deterred harassment and prevented trouble from even showing up.

photo cropped from video posted to DC Homos twitter account

Reportback from Aug 17 Kavanaugh/Roberts home demos

Yes, the Supreme Court "Justices" are still getting protests at their homes 3 1/2 months after the draft of the Dobbs decision leaked. Kavanaugh has been getting them for nearly a YEAR-and they just keep coming!

Video from Alex Murphys's clips of the Kavanaugh side of the protests 1 min 15 sec

Still from video clip by Alex Murphy

Supreme Court "Justice" Gorsuch gets Aug 16 home demo, cops claim amplified souind illegal after dark

On the 16th of August, protesters returned to the home of antichoice Supreme Court "Justice" Neil Gorsuchs. After the protest and possibly expecting it will soon get dark much earlier, a cop aproached the protesters and claimed that bullhorns and amplified sound are illegal "after dark."

Photo by Warrior Goddess for the Resistance

Drenching, flooding rains can't keep protesters from "Justice" Kavanaugh's house

Video-protesting at Kavanaugh's place in the rain 43 sec

The drenching thunderstorms of Aug 10 cut power, flooded roads, and even forced high/swift water rescues. None of that stopped a hard core of pro-choice protesters from getting past all the obstacles to protest at the home of Supreme Court "Justice" Kavanaugh at the usual time and day.

Photo by Mel

Kavanaugh, Roberts get more home demos as Roberts quits GW teaching post

On the 27th of July, protesters returned to the homes of "Justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts, with greatly reduced police interference. Two weeks of intensive policing failed to generate any legal grounds for arrests, so police are now dwindling back to the prior numbers.

Video featuring "Emergency Response" to flatlining Constitution on a gurney 1 min 45 sec

Constitution on a gurney as it is flatlining (Still from John Zangas video)

Draq Queen Story Hour in Kensington, MD defended from fash and Jesus freaks, Chicago and Boston not so lucky

On the 23ed of July, a determined community response blocked fascists and "Jesus freaks" from disrupting a family-friendly Draq Queen Story Hour at Kensington library. The fash were kept off the floor where the event was being held, and it went on without trouble. Other cities were not so lucky.

These extreme-right activists were unable to get to the downstairs floor at the Kensington Library

Police threats again fail to stop Kavanaugh home demo

On the 20th of July, protesters again returned to the home of frat boy, rapist and Supreme Court "Justice" Brett Kavanaugh. Police threatened arrests without warning for "noise" but no arrests were attempted.

Video of the warrior-themed protest that faced down 60+ cops at Kavanaugh's house 3 min 9 sec

Photo by Miscreant Mouse

"Justice" Neil Gorsuch gets surprise home demo, NO COPS

On the 18th of July, River Road earned its name after storms passed through, yet protesters were able to navigate this waterway straight to the entrance to Supreme Court "Justice" Neil Gorsuch's home in an upscale private community. This was an unannounced protest to catch Gorsuch by surprise. No police response until protesters were already leaving.

Video-protesters get entrance to Gorsuch's community to themselves, NO COPS 21 sec

Police threaten, harass Kavanaugh home protesters over "noise"

The July 13th Kavanaugh/Roberts home demos received some ugly harassment from the Montgomery County police. Before protests began, cops warned that any complaints from the neighhborhood snitches would lead to first warnings and potentially arrests for anything louder than private conversation. A 72 dB limit was claimed. Protesters received warnings at Kavanaugh's but not Robert's house.

Video-cops harass protesters but the protest goes on 1 min 40 sec

A cop approaches a protester for the one warning they are apparently required to give prior to any noise arrests

Protesters return to Kavanaugh's house, again read the First Amendment, visit Roberts too

On the 6th of July, protesters again descended on the area surrounding the home of Supreme Court "Justice," frat boy, and rapist Brett Kavanaugh. Again they read out the First Amendment in front of his house. This is in response to the Marshal of the Supreme Court demanding in the Washington Post that protesters at SCOTUS homes be arrested. "Justice" Roberts lives nearby and protesters showed up there too.

Update: Kavanaugh bailed out of restaurant Morgan's later that night after protesters showed up in front. Maybe he should speak to former DC Mayor Tony Williams about how bad this can get?

Video-Protesters at Kavanaugh's house read out 1st Amendment, keep going in drenching rain 2 min

At Kavanaugh's house (Photo by Downright Impolite/Our Rights DC)