Trump-loving "Alt-right" speaker at U-MD cancelled citing "security expenses"

On the 25th of October, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at University of MD. He is known for directing hate at Muslims and at Black Lives Matter activists. With other universities at which he peddled his hate claiming to have received bomb threats,Terps for Trump(the student group hosting his event) cancelled, claiming security expenses would exceeed $2,000 and the total expense of letting him speak exceed $6,500. Hate has been made too expensive even for priviliged white republicans at University of MD.

Kayaktivists take No LNG export at Cove Point message to Annapolis

On the 17th of September, "We Are Cove Point" took to the water in Annapolis, MD in several kayaks and a sailboat against Dominion's LNG export plant at Cove Point, MD. The kayaktivists were demanding that MD Governor Hogan order a quantitative risk assessment (QRA) to determine just how dangerous the under-construction fracked gas export plant really is. Given the recent explosion of leaked residential gas that was enough to demolish an apartment building in Silver Spring, MD, it pays to take the risks associated with natural gas seriously. Several large LNG plants have exploded over the years, and amount of gas potentially involved in such blasts can be measured in kilotons. The Cove Point plant is unique for being in a populated area.

Photo by We Are Cove Point

Support and defend striking prisoners in MD and VA

Prisoners nationally have gone out on a work stoppage on Friday, Sep 9. Prisoners in MD at Jessup state prison and Cumberland Federal prison, and in VA at the Red Onion, Buckingham, and Fluvanna state prisons and are participating in the work stoppage. They need your help to prevent retaliation against them by prison officials. People are being asked to call several of the prisons so the staff will understand that trouble on the inside will have consequences on the outside.The demand of the strike is simple: end slavery in US prisons!

A variety of solidarity actions took place around DC and Baltimore on Sep 9th and 10 targetting corporations like Mcdonalds, Starbucks, and Verizon that profit from prison labor plus a protest by the IWW outside the MD correctional facility in Baltimore

IWW protest outside MD correctional facility in Baltimore on Sep 9

Black Lives Matter activists blockade, disrupt FOP conference in Baltimore

On the 14th of August, the Fraternal Order of Police held a conference at the Hyatt in Baltimore. Black Lives Matter activsts blockaded doors using lockboxes and dropped banners inside in a full court press disruption. Twelve protesters were arrested after police managed to saw through the lockboxes. One of the FOP attendees showed off the "Frat" part of "Fraternal Order of Police" by saying "Move or I'm going to piss on you bitch" to one of the women in the protest. The Hyatt was reduced to forcing people out of the conference-and the hotel and refunding money paid to enter.

Ahsa Rosa photo of lockdown at the doors

Afromation blockades I-83 in Baltimore, 65 kettled in mass arrest

On the 16th of July, activists under the name Afromation blockaded Baltimore's I-83 freeway after marching through the "Artscape" festival. Police used a false report of an ambulance to get protesters to move, then kettled as much of the crowd as they could, arresting 65 people. The "ambulance" turned out to be two police wagons Some of the arrestees were reported to be bystanders who had followed the march from Artscape out of curiosity to watch and were not protesters at all.

Video of the I-83 blockade originally posted to Twitter by Action.Brotha.Jedi

Blockading Baltimore's I-83 freeway to protest police brutality

Afromation blockades I-83 over police brutality

TPP protesters visit office of Rep Eli Cummins in Baltimore

President Obama has explicitly said he will not permit the Democratic Party platform to take a position against the TPP trade deal. In response, on the 7th of July fair trade protesters showed up at the offices of Representative Elijah Cummins, who chairs the Democratic Party's platform committee. Elijah Cummins has said before he opposes the TPP and has repeatedly voted against TPP related bills including Obama's treasured "fast-track" bill last year. The protesters were there to say they've got his back and are asking him to stand up to bullying from the Obama administration and ensure that the party platform opposes the TPP trade deal.

Video from the TPP protest at rep Elijah Cummings' office in Baltimore

Protesting Obama's bullying on the TPP to the chair of the DNC platform committee

Public hearing on gas fracking in MD draws overwhelming opposition

On the 27th of June, the MD Maryland Department of the Environment held one of three public hearings on Governor Hogan's proposal to regulate but permit gas fracking in MD beginning in 2017 when a moratorium expires. After a "Don't Frack MD" protest outside a roomful of people opposed to fracking in MD said one after another that only a complete ban would be acceptable.

Video on Liveleak after takedown against Archive

Overwhelming majority demands total ban on fracking in MD at public meeting and rally

Heather Doyle sent to jail for reporting police misconduct and brutality in Calvert County, MD

On the 27th of May, Heather Doyle was convicted of filing a "false" police report for truthfully complaining about being dragged by police from the Feb 3, 2015 crane sit against Dominion's gas export manner in an unsafe manner. She also truthfully objected in that complaint to being assaulted by police. The Calvert County Sheriff's dept turned the tables, denied all charges, and have now successfully sentenced Heather to serve 15 days in jail for filing a compliant for police brutality and recklessness.

Killer Baltimore cop acquitted, protesters told they can't be on street OR sidewalk

On the 23ed of May, the first verdict in the six cases against the police who murdered Freddie Grey was announced. As expected, Officer Edward Nero was found "Not Guilty" by a judge. He declined to face a jury for his crimes, choosing a bench trial instead. Protesters outside the courthouse were told by cops they had to "float," permitted to use neither the street nor the sidewalk. The Baltimore Bloc reported one violent arrest. The courthouse protest was apparently not the only protest of this verdict in Baltimore today.

Youtube video by "Zoo News" showing a larger,second protest at the Western District police station. warning: Youtube tracks all users

The scene as killer cop Nero's family is followed to their parking garage

Federal cop opens fire in two Mont County shopping malls, 3 dead

Federal Protective Services officer Eulalio Tordil was arrested without being shot after shooting and killing three people, first killing his estranged wife, then showinfg up at two different shopping malls and opening fire. He was arrested "without incident" raising the question of whether his status as a police officer kept him from being shot himself.