SCOTUS dumps Roe, legalizes abortion bans as pro-choice advocates confront theocrats outside

Friday, the 24th of June was an ugly day at the Supreme Court. While the so-called "Justices" inside overturned Roe v Wade and warned Gay marriage and contraception are next, pro and antichoice crowds duked it out with bullhorns outside. At one point, a swarm of bike cops essentially kettled both sides together although not making arrests. Just before the decision was announced they withdrew in a big hurry.

Update 6-25 night: Protesters march on Gorsuch's private community day after Dobbs decision

Update 6-25: Continuous protest at SCOTUS like early days at BLM Plaza-minus the police violence

Update 6-24 night: Video-a black bloc takes to the streets, answering the call to a Night of Rage over Dobbs 2 min

Video-the scrum outside the Supreme Court-and the nonarrest kettle of BOTH sides together 2 min 44 sec

Legal or not, abortion will continue

Anti-Trans "Astro-Terf" event w Christian groups draw disruptive counterprotest

On the 23ed of June, a mishmash of right-wing groups including Concerned Women for America(CWA), the Family Research Council (FRC), and other hate groups held an "our bodies, our sports" event supposely representing cisgender female athletes opposing trans women in women's sports. Nobody there looked very athletic. Counterprotester with all possible noisemakers disrupted the event with whistles, drums, bullhorns in siren mode, and more.

Video-disrupting the anti-trans hatefest with noisemakers 44 sec

Trans flag flies as team to left of photographer disrupts the "astro-TERF" anti-Trans event

Protesters face off outside as SCOTUS releases more decisions, no Dobbs today

On the 23ed of June, the Supreme Court released five more decisions including the long-expected overturning of New York's restrictive concealed carry gun laws. As expected, the highly incendiary Dobbs (abortion) decision was NOT released with more business yet to go. As decisions dropped, pro and antichoice protesters duked it out outside, with bike cops separating most of them

Video-facing off outside the Supreme Court and its fortifications 45 sec

Bike cops separate fundamentalist Christian protesters from pro-choice activists. This was VERY loud

Scrum over right to choose at SCOTUS as 5 more opinions (but no Dobbs) released

On the 21st of June, so-called "Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising" (PAAU) fetus-stealing antichoice zealots faced off in a point-blank shouting match against pro-choice activists outside the Supreme Court.

Video-showdown at SCOTUS against PAAU and abortion bans 2 min 15 sec

One of the antiabortion extremists with a "fetus," this time apparently a plastic one

Black Bodies for Black Power march demands abortion rights at the US Supreme Court

On the afternoon of the 18th of June, the Black Bodies for Black Power march arrived in strength at the US Supreme Court. Marchers were demanding bodily autonomy and in particular abortion rights for Black Women. It is widely known that antiabortion prosecutors in MAGAT states will focus much of their fire on women of color.

Video-the march arrives at the Supreme Court 30 sec

Scenes from the Poor People's Campaign rally

On the 18th of June, the Poor People's Campaign returned to Washington DC, this time for a single massive rally on Penn Ave. The rally area stretched from 3ed at to 6th st NW

Video-scenes from the PPC rally 52 sec

Community activists protest Truist Bank's fence, closure, and plans for Adams-Morgan Plaza

On the 17th of June, DC community activists rallied in front of Truist Bank in Adams-Morgan before marching to Adams-Morgan Plaza. At the plaza, they restored the memorial to Miguel Gonzales that Truist Bank had again destroyed. Afterwards the march proceeded though the streets to Dupont Circle.

Video: activists march on the plaza, again rebuild monument to Miguel Gonzales 2 min 16 sec

Reportback from June 15th Kavanaugh/Roberts home demos

On the 15th of June, antichoice Supreme Court "Justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts got another round of protests at their homes. As always these protests were entirely nonviolent. They have however made the far right and antiabortion movements scream so loudly as to imply a "saturation" effect, meaning that most (possibly all) of the possible effect of any form of protest is already being achieved with the mildest of tactics.

Video-protesters at Kavanaugh's house march past police lines of both MoCo cops and US Marshalls 1 min

Approaching Kavanaugh's house

Pro-choice demonstrators march on AT&T over OAN hosting, millions donated to antichoice groups

On the 15th of June, pro-choice activists marched from the Supreme Court to a downtown office of AT&T. AT&T has been the largest single corporate donor to PACs and politicians behind abortion-banning "trigger laws" which go into effect if Roe is overturned (as is now likely). In addition, AT&T has hosted pro-Trump "One America News" on Direct TV, which is to the right even of FOX. Direct TV has been responsible for 80% of OAN's revenue.

Video-confronting the AT&T "Death Star" over funding "trigger laws," hosting OAN on Direct TV 1 min 22 sec

Protesters return to Supreme Court "Justice" Alito's home hours after SCOTUS disruption

On the 13th of June, just hours after Shut Down DC's protests at the Supreme Court, protesters again returned to the home of Supreme Court "Justice" Alito. He is held in special contempt both as the author of the leaked SCOTUS draft Dobbs decision and for citing Matthew Hale in that draft. Matthew Hale was a 17th century judge who sentenced two women to death for witchcraft. Now the "witches" are back!

Video: protesters march up and down the street in front of Alito's home 1 min 45 sec

Home of would-be witch burner Alito, with the usual guard since the home demos began