Declare Emergency blockades I-395 for the second time in one week

On the 8th of April, Declare Emergency and Scientist Rebellion returned to the site of a blockade of I-395 earlier in the week for Round II. The blockade site shuts off the route used by most Congressmen with homes in Virginia to go to work. Demands were for action against climate chaos, that the government declare a climate emergency, and that the Enbridge Line 3 and Line 5 projects be stopped forever.

Video-setting up the blockade, its effects, and cops arresting blockaders 4 min 18 sec

At least five arrests as climate protesters lock themselves to White House fence

On the 6th of April, protesters with the "Scientist rebellion locked themselves to the White House fence with chains and U-locks. Police closed all of Lafayette Square in response, in a futile attempt to block photography of their extraction efforts. After about an hour and a half, the cops cut the locks and arrested at least five people.

Video: Cops close Lafeyette Sq, arrest at least 5 in climate CD 3 min 52 sec

Declare Emergency blocks I-395 for zero drilling/mining on Federal and Indigenous land

In morning rush hour on the 4th of April, Declare Emergency blocked I-395 near Maine Ave. This is the route used by many Members of Congress to get to "work." Demands of the protest were zero concessions for drilling or mining on any Federal or Indigenous land.

Video posted to Twitter by Anthony Tilghman 5 sec warning-link is to Twitter

Still cropped from Anthony Tilghman's video of the blockade

Light Brigade holds protest supporting rising demands for impeachment of Clarence Thomas

On the 30th of March, the Light Brigade held a protest first at the Supreme Court, then at the US Capitol to support growing demands that Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas be impeached.

Video: Light Brigade at Supreme Court and Capitol 40 sec

Trust Bank fences Adams-Morgan plaza, posters appear on the fence opposing condo project

On the evening of the 30th of March, DC activists responded to Truist Bank's fence around Adams-Morgan plaza with posters calling out their greed for land and demanding DC intervene

Fence on Adams-Morgan plaza (18th and Columbia) w wrap showing expected view Truist's yuppie dream condos-and an activists poster over that wrap

Convoy livestreamer's car "tagged" for the 4th time

On the 27th of March, this communique appeared on Twitter:

"We received some anonymous pictures and videos of Henry aka BrantForLiberty’s car in Hagerstown. Oof looks rough Henry, but you did tell antifa to up their game."

Video based on 12 second clip released by an anonymous source 12 sec

anonymous photo

Video-confronting the convoy in DC over their covid outbreak

On the 25th of March, the so-called "People's Convoy" made a final loop though DC exiting by the 14th st bridge. These same vehicles were spotted earlier on Wisconsin Ave. There were relatively few vehicles in this segment compared to their initial March 6 appearance on the Beltway. A DC Indymedia reporter confronted convoy members about their support for Trump-and about the "bad cough" going around at Hagerstown Speedway.

Video-DC Indymedia reporter challenges convoy about their covid outbreak and support for Trump (2 min)(note-ends w footage of 3-16 assault by convoy on another biker

This crossed guns and "punisher" skull flag suggest hard fascists in this vehicle

"Fridays for the Future" climate activists march on Capitol

On the 25th of March, one of the largest progressive marches of the entire year so far set forth from Lafayette Park. This was Fridays For the Future, a student-led movement to demand action on climate change. They marched to the US Capitol with chants like "we don't need your money-let the corporations burn!

Video-highlights from the rally and march 3 min 45 sec

So-called "People's Convoy" gets disruption, direct action after threat to BLM Plaza

Video-direct action against the convoys 3-18 to 3-21 31 sec

On the 18th of March, a convoy speaker at Hagerstown Speedway threatened to scrape the paint from BLM Plaza, then tar and feather the plaza and "all our delegates." This brought a firestorm of counterattack down on the convoy. On the 18th, one of their livestreamers got a facefull of soda. The next day, a solo biker riding as slow as possible all but stopped the convoy near the White House. On March 21, another convoy livestreamer got his car covered in root beer and antifa stickers.

Solo biker blocking the convoy: one "longtail" holding many bobtails!

DC bike party holds cherry blossom ride, bike parties outdrawing convoys

On the 19th of March, the DC Bike Party held a special ride to the cherry blossoms, which were starting to open at that time. One rider remarked that the bike parties are outdrawing the anti-vax "trucker" convoys.

Video-DC Bike Party special ride to Haine's Point 38 sec

Start of the 3-19 ride to the cherry blossoms