MAGAt "1776" Convoy returns to DC, leader arrested on warrant from MD

On the 6th of July, what was originally an anti-vaccine mandate convoy but has morphed to a general far-right convoy returned to DC. Shortly after they arrived, their leader (a man known as "Santa") was arrested. After the convoy blockaded part of I-95 on July 4, the MD authorities in a highly unusual stop obtained an arrest warrant for the known leader.

Photo by "Jo Jo from Jerz"

Pro-choice protesters march on House of Representatives from SCOTUS

On the 6th of July,pro-choice advocates gathered at the Supreme Court and marched to the House of Representatives. Marchers demanded House Democrats take the lead on protecting abortion rights. Protesters explicity demanded expanding the Supreme Court to remove Trump's leftovers from the "majority."

Video-Demanding "Spineless gutless Democrats" expand the Supreme Court, protect abortion rights 49 sec

Photo by Downright Impolite/Our Rights DC

Same Capitol Hill Fake clinic hit by Jane's Revenge gets warning sticker

The same fake abortion clinic on Capitol Hill Hit by Jane's revenge on June 2 or June 3 on July 4 got a warning sticker on their door calling them out as a fake clinic that does not perform abortions and instead dispenses propaganda.

July 4 Roundup: SCOTUS showdowns, DC black bloc after dark, and reports from elsewhere

On the 4th of July, "Fuck the 4th" and similar abortion rights turned people out in the streets everywhere:

Video: confrontation with hard core theocrats at SCOTUS (35 sec)

Video: Night March in black bloc faces police violence and is kettled, marchers somehow got out (2 min 6 sec) by John Zangas

MD: Declare Emergency blocks Beltway over climate

Elsewhere: "Fuck the 4th" protests most cities

Lakeland, FL: Showdown w fundies, arrest for bullhorn use(!) Video (3 min)

St Petersburg, FL Video: The big PSL march (1 min 29 sec)

Front line just before a very aggressive kettle by Capitol police followed by dispersal not arrests (still from John Zangas video)

Tour of Shame marches on GOP Senator's homes after SCOTUS disables EPA on climate

On the last day of June, the Supreme Court released another atrocious ruling, this time gutting the ability of EPA to control CO2 emission from fossil fuel burning power plants. Hours later, protesters staging a "Tour of Shame" unfurled a "We the Corporations" preamble to a new Constitution and marched it from SCOTUS to the nearby homes of several GOP Senators.

Video: Tour of Shame visits the homes of many GOP Senators 6 min 1 sec

"We the Corporations" the Constitution as interpreted by Trump's Supreme Court

Mass civil disobedience near Supreme Court and Capitol demands abortion rights

On the 30th of June, hundreds of protesters were arrested in a sit-in blocking 1st st and Constitution Ave NE. This was part of the storm of protests opposing the Supreme Court's Dobbs ruling permitting states to criminalize abortion for the first time in 50 years.

Video: Civil Disobedience at the Supreme Court 2 min 30 sec

Setting up the sit-in at 1st st NE and Constitution Ave

Resistance March on Capitol Hill demands Congress, Biden protect abortion

On the 29th of June, a march around Capitol Hill shifted fire from the Supreme Court to Congress and the Biden administration. Marchers demanded the filibuster be abolished, the Supreme Court expanded, Federal lands be used to provide abortion services in ban states, and the Hyde Amendment be repealed.

Video-Resistance March on Capitol Hill 2 min 3 sec

Crane banner hang demands "Biden Protect Abortion"

In the face of the Dobbs decision and the deadly threat posed by an explosion of anti-choice state laws, people are rising to new heights of resistance. On the 28th of June, climbers dropped a banner from a crane near North Capitol St and FL Ave, reading "Biden Protect Abortion."

Photo by Women's March via Twitter

Debt for Climate march on IMF demands cancellation of Global South Debt

On the 26th of June, the "Cancel Debt for People and Planet" march descended on the DC headquarters of the International Monetary Fund or IMF. Protesters lit off smoke flares and held a street theater demanding that rich countries cancel debts owed by the Global South. This is being proposed as an alternative to extracting fossil fuels to be sold to get money to pay these "debts."

Video-Smoke flares and street theater at IMF Headquarters 2 min 17 sec

Continuous protest at SCOTUS resembles early days of BLM Plaza

The ongoing protests at SCOTUS(at least 27 hours at this writing) have taken on some of the atmosphere of the early days of Black Lives Matter Plaza, though with some key differences. So far, things are noisy and confrontational, but no tear gas and flashbangs as the antichoice protesters don't have them and the cops have limited their involvement to displays of aggression.

Video-massive booing at SCOTUS, sounds like a fight about to start but cools off on its own 16 sec

Fascist spotted with the antichoicers on June 25. This one claimed abortion "is the same as rape"(?)