Four arrested in DC protest at Capitol Christmas tree lighting

On the 28th of November, pro-Gaza protesters showed up at the Capitol's Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Four were arrested for unknown reasons by Capitol Police.

Video: Capitol Police arresting protesters at the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting 19 sec

Gaza March on Georgetown chants "No Shopping while bombs are dropping!"

On the 24th of November, DC's contribution to the Turtle Island-wide wave of Black Friday protests for Gaza was a march on Georgetown. On a day where upscale shoppers were expected to pack Georgetown's most upscale stores, marchers chanted pro-Palestine chants. In addition, marchers demanded "No shopping while bombs are dropping!"

Video-"No shoppinng while bombs are dropping" march on Georgetown 1 min 15 sec

Still from Our Rights DC video clip

Palestine protesters return to Union Station for pre-ThingsTaking die-in

On the day before "ThingsTaking," the busiest travel day of the year, pro-Palestine protesters returned to DC's Union Station for a die-in. This protest dramatized the mass murder of children and civilians under the storm of rockets and bombs Israel has devastated Gaza with.

Photo by Our Rights DC

More video of police running and assaulting protesters at Nov 15 DNC protest

This is video of cops running and attacking not only protesters but media at the Nov 15 protest at the Democratic National Committee in DC.

Video-cops chase and assault protesters and media alike on Nov 15 1 min

Updated video: Pro Palestine protesters SHUT DOWN Union Station

On the 17th of November, protesters descended on DC's Union Station intent on shutting it down over the gaza genocide. When they got there, Union Station had shut themselves down, closing their doors to all but Amtrak ticket holders who could not be excluded.

More spectacular video from the boisterous but peaceful protest that made cops SHUT DOWN Union Station 2 min 9 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

IfNotNow/JVP blockade of DNC gets violent police assault, DNC evacuates in fear

On the 15th of November, an IfNotNow/JVP blockade of the DNC's doors was met with overwhelming police violence and pepper spray. At least one person was thrown down the stairs. Online trolls and pro-Israel members of Congress claimed that protesters were storming not blockading the building, video evidence says otherwise. Some even claimed this was an "insurrection." as MTG did a month ago, With Dems believeing their own hype, the DNC was evacuated.

Incredible footage of the DNC blockade, including the closeup of the blockade that proves the cops and Bran Sherman are lying 3min 30 sec

Still from the video, from Haneefsaeed's clip proving the fight was a violent police attack on a blockade

Die-in at White House protests wholesale murder of Palestinian children

On the 11th of November, protesters horrified by Israel's wholesale slaughter in Gaza held a die-in at the White House, complete with what appeared to be dead children in burial shrouds. This was on the day the death toll in Gaza(population is 1/2 children!) passed 11,000.

Video:musicians play after dark at the die-in 32 sec, by Our Rights DC

Photo by Our Rights DC

Reportbacks from national march for Gaza in DC

10PM: Unicorn Riot video: Cops clear Penn Ave to push protesters further from White House 1 min 21 sec

7 PM: The big march has wound through the streets around the streets near the White House. As the march ended, a crowd lingered near the White House until cops pushed them back. Not far away, the McDonald's closest to the White House got graffiti and a smashed window. McDonald's is on the list of top US corporations targetted for boycotts by the BDS (Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions) movement for their involvement in Israel's apartheid regime. Video of the march and some of the intensity afterwards 1 min 45 seconds

Extinction Rebellion DC shuts down Washington Gas "Project Pipes" site

On the 26th of October Extinction Rebellion DC locked down at a Washington Gas "Project Pipes" construction site, shutting it down until they could be extracted.

Video-"Octopus" or "Star" blockade shutting down Project Pipes site 34 seconds

Photo by XRDC

Protesters hit Department of State with noise demo, car caravan for Gaza in evening rush

Late afternoon on Oct 25, antiwar protesters descended on the US Department of state with noisemakers-and a 2020-style car caravan. State Department employees coming out received chants of "Quit Your Job!"

Video: car caravan and noise protest for Gaza at State Dept 3 min 9 sec