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Trump rally in Ocala, FL fizzles

Trump claimed over the weekend he would be arrested on Tues, March 21 over the Stormy Danial's hush money and its source. He called on his supporters to swarm the streets and fight for him. The result was fizzled rallies in many places. All of the Florida rallies known to this author fizzled, drawing a dozen or so.Maybe 20 cycled in and out of the 5PM rally in Ocala, FL which was supposed to be major and at which violence was feared.

Video: fizzled Trump rally in Ocala, FL, Proud Boy with his pistol showing through his pants 2 min 53 sec

THIS is all the "wild protest" Trump supporters were able to muster in Ocala, FL on March 21

MPD cop whines "I feel threatened" to videographer at heavily defended drag show

On the 25th of February Washington DC MPD ofc Riley whined "I feel threatened" at a DC Homos videographer. He melted down like a snowcone in the FL sun while escorting a solo Proud Boy out of the area of a heavily defended drag show in SE DC. Only ONE Proud Boy showed up, sparking this incident.

Video originally posted to Twitter by DC Homos 7 sec

This zoomed in and cropped image from the DC Homos video shows Ofc Riley pointing at the videographer while escorting Proud Boy Betancur out of the area

Tampa music venue Brass Mug postered as Proud Boy-fronted band Trapt plays

On the 24th of February, Trapt played at the brass Mug in Tampa. Trapt's lead singer is a Proud Boy, and his public pro-Fascist statements have cost the band a drummer (who quit over this shit) and many cancelled shows. While one of the opening acts played, anti-Fascist activists entered the venue parking lot and posted fliers directly on the walls of the brass mug.

Video-posters go up on the venue walls as Proud Boy fronted band Trapt plays 1 min 8 sec

Christian nationalists/Nazis forced out of Pasco Pride in FL

On the 4th of February, several members of the same extreme-right Christian cult that harassed the Dec 29 Clearwater drag show turned up at Pasco County FL's Pride event. They harassed Pride attendees and screamed that people were going to die, going to burn, and going to Hell. Eventually one of them lunged at a child attending Pride with their parents, drawing instant counterattack.

Video-confronting religious extremists at Pasco Pride 2 min 12 sec

"Bubble guns" have been used at the SCOTUS protests. Here in FL a bubble cannon is being used to foam down fiery religious terrorists like so much burning jet fuel on an airport runway

PAAU fetus stealers draw counterprotesters to SCOTUS

On Jan 20, so-called "Progressive Anti Abortion Uprising"(a literally fetus-stealing religious group) and their allies showed up at the Supreme Court during the so-called "March 4 Life." Present also at SCOTUS were several antichoice Gay men, helping to pave the way for their own fate if the GOP decides to round up the entire LGBTQ community. A bullhorn in siren mode helped drown out PAAU's lies.

Video-Our rights DC counterprotests PAAU at Supreme Court 25 sec

Still from Our Rights DC video captures swastika in flag flown by a forced birth advocate

Counterprotesters hold the line as Fascists, Christian nationalists return to DC for J6 anniversary

On the 6th of January, 2023, some of the same Trump supporters and general Fascists who fought two years ago that day returned to the Capitol and also showed up at the US Supreme Court. Some of the counterprotesters threw the Proud Boys slogan "fuck around and find out" back at the fascists by saying Ashli Babbatt did exactly that.

Video-counterprotesters at the Supreme Court, Ashli Babbatt's mother arrested, and counterprotest at Capitol warns MAGA GOP now controls House and still denies the 2020 election. 4 min

Fundies, Proud Boys harass but cannot shut down final day of Drag Queen Christmas in Clearwater, FL

On the 29th of December, the final performance of "A Drag Queen Christmas" took place in Clearwater, Florida. Members of Cavalry Christian Worship Center (an extreme Christian Cult) and 3 or 4 Proud Boys were unable to overcome defenders much less attempt to shut down the show itself. Again the Governor's interference and threats were unable to stop the show, again the show went on. Some attendees cheered counterprotesters on the way in and out.

Video of counterprotesters confronting religious cult, 3 Proud Boys 2 min

Well-defended Orlando drag shows goes on after FL governor's legal threats-and a bomb threat

The Dec 28 drag show in Orlando went on in spite of an explicit threat by Florida's Christian Nationalist governor DeSantis to take legal action against the venue if anyone under 18 was seen inside. This threat was called. As the press hype grew, a protective pro-LGBTQ crowd grew in front of the venue. Two groups of Christian nationalists ineffectually protested the show. A firetruck and ambulance showed up halfway through, it turns out some opponent of the show had called in a bomb threat. The delay was short and the show went on! Proud Boys in uniform were nowhere to be seen, same as in Miami the previous night.

Video from Dec 28 Orlando Drag Defense 2 min 56 sec

Front line in front of the venue

Fascist FAIL: Less than a dozen fascists protest Ft Lauderdale "Drag Queen Christmas" performance

On the 26th of December, less than a dozen fascists including three Proud Boys and several far-right livestreamers showed up outside "A Drag Queen Christmas" at the Ft Lauderdale, FL performance. Fascist livestreamer Chris Nelson assaulted several people including an anti-Fascist camera operator but was unable to stop anyone. He later invaded the venue and started screaming. He was escorted out and issued a trespass warning but not arrested. Only three Proud Boys showed up, an epic fail by the Vice City Proud Boys on their own turf in light rain.

Video-Chris Nelson assaults antifascist camera operator, gets ejected from crowd. Tiny Proud Boys turnout 1 min 16 sec

Fascist livestreamer Chris Nelson slaps at an anti-Fascist's camera (from his OWN video)

2022 in activism: Escalation and increasing tension

Over the course of 2022, US politics steadily destabilized. The year began pretty much normally but tension was evident and soon began to escalate. Gender issues above all others have predominated as Christian Nationalists and Fascists seek to impose their will.

Video-2022 in review by Iron Snowflake 18 min 48 sec