Die-in at DC Police headquarters protests Ferguson, killer cops

On the 25th of November, people outraged by the refusal of the Ferguson grand jury to indict killer cop Darren Wilson staged a die-in at DC police headquarters. The die-in lasted 4 1/2 minutes, one minute for each hour Michael Brown's body was left in the street by the St Louis police department. DC cops too routinely shoot and kill African-American youth, they too need to listen to the fury of the streets on this issue.

Photo by Hannah Kane

DC Protests as grand jury refuses to indict killer cop in Ferguson

Nov 23 9:30PM: Ferguson grand jury announces NO INDICTMENT, DC protesters will gather at 7PM TUESDAY, Nov 25 at 7PM. Spontanious protests assembling tonight at Howard U and at Civil War Memorial (U st). Lots of cops on U st.
Update 10:30PM: Multiple spontanious protests in DC Converging on White House, protest the following evening (Tuesday) still schedules as well.
Update 11:40PM: John Zangas reports 2,000 people at the spontanious White House protest
Update 11:40PM: Ferguson exploding, one cop firing in the air suspected of triggering all the violence. Cop cars and at least one building on fire.
Update 1AM 11-25:Marchers take Supreme Court steps

Code Pink photo:Ferguson protesters at the White House

Anonymous finds evidence of Ferguson cops working directly with KKK

In response to KKK death threats against protesters in Ferguson, Anonymous launched a massive operation against the KKK that in addition to taking over their national Twitter account and disabling multiple KKK websites found evidence that many on the police force in Ferguson are themselves Klan members.

Anonymous posted this Youtube video listing information on many St Louis area Klan members

Pro-pipeline Sen Bennet's office occupied in Honor the Treaties action

On the 18th of November, activists associated with the Cowboy-Indian Alliance against the Keystone XL occupied the office of pro-Keystone Senator Michael Bennet. They were supported by student climate activists in taking over the office of this Democratic Senator who is being counted as a "for" vote in the scheduled Nov 18 vote (today) on the pipeline.

Breaking 6:30PM 11-18:Indigenous singers celebrate in the Capitol galleries as Keystone bill defeated CNN Video of reaction to Indigenous singing in the galleries

Photo by "Harris from the Post"

Thousands protest Washington Football Team's racist name at Vikings game

On the 2nd of November, an estimated three to five thousand protesters showed up outside a Minnesota Vikings game to protest their opponents, the Washington Football Team and their racist name and mascot. Some wore "Rethink" jerseys in the team colors of burgundy and gold. Police estimated 3,200 protesters, others (including al Jazeera) said this estimate was low and about 5,000 protesters were present.

Black is Back marches on White House demanding "Peace through Revolution"

Black is Back was formed in the aftermath of Barrack Obama's election, when many liberal "peace" groups abandoned antiwar protest because there was no longer a white GOP President. This year, the Back is Black march on the White House explicitly demanded "Peace through Revolution" in the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and so many other police murders.

Photo by "Harris from the Post"

Ferguson, USA: An Episode in the Class War

On August 9 in Ferguson, a small suburb of St. Louis, a cop killed Michael Brown firing 6 bullets into him: this young black man, unarmed, with his arms raised in the air, had made the mistake of not responding to his order to walk on the sidewalk. Michael Brown was left like a dog in the street for several hours without even his parents allowed to come close to his body.There was generalized outrage at this crime among the population and successive violent protests for ten days.

We Act Radio posts video of council candidate debate on racism, gentrification, and displacement

We Act Radio has posted this Youtube video video of the at-large City Council candidate's debate on racism, gentrification, and displacement. Video about 2 hours, 11 min, sound low first couple minutes

Police brutality protesters march on 7D police station in Anacostia

On the evening of Oct 22, a national day of action against police brutality, local activists marched from the Anacostia Metro station to the 7th district police station. They demanded that all killer cops, not just Darren Wilson in Ferguson, be prosecuted and jailed. Before setting out, one activist read out a list of people killed by police right here in DC.

Video of the march on 7D

Video compilation of speakers before the march

Marching on 7d-shadowed by many police cars

Video from the DC Ferguson Georgetown March

A rally by the DC Ferguson coalition demanding justice for Mike Brown and protesting police terrorism. Speakers include PJ from the National Black United Front, Salim Adolfo from Black is Back, and Eugene Puryear from the ANSWER Coalition.