G7 Could Move Financing for Famine Relief, Says Religious Development Group

As G7 leaders continue to meet in Taormina, Italy, relief groups like Oxfam International are intensifying calls for aid monies to address famine. Twenty million people are suffering the affects of famine and ‎the UN calls for $6.3 billion in aid.

UN Forum Focuses on Financing for Development Goals

United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed and the IMF's Christine Lagarde join world leaders for the Financing for Development (FfD) Forum at UN Headquarters. The meetings come almost two years after the Addis Ababa FfD Summit to implement the global SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals"Two years ago, world leaders made promises through the Addis Ababa Action Agenda to build a more responsible global financial system," notes Eric LeCompte who helped negotiate the outcomes and gave remarks during the closing sessions.

Feb 1 DCA protest

DCA airport protest FEB 1

Video: 2016 in activism-chaos, catastrophe, and resistance

Video highlights of the past year in progressive activism. Resistance to Donald Trump, to the Dakota Access Pipeline, and to police murder are the three main themes of the past year. Now we must prepare for the battle to come on the 20th of January, and the war against racism and white supremacy that will follow.

Video-2016 in review

Bring back the DC swamp!

Discussion around having a rowdy and festive antifa feeder march starting in Columbia Heights on Jan 20

NAACP, Greenpeace presidents among 300 arrested at Democracy Awakens sit-in

On the 18th of April,Democracy Awakening marched to the US Capitol for the culminating sit-in of a series begun a week ago by Democracy Spring. At the head of the march were NAACP and CASA contingents, including familes with small children. There appeared to be considerable overlap with the immigration rights protest at the Supreme Court. The march took over a good part of the Capitol Plaza upon arrival. During the sit-in, the presidents of the NAACP and of Greenpeace were among those arrested.

Video of the march and sit-in (3 min)

Leading the march

Democracy Awakening march and civil disobedience

Mayor Bowser confronted by Black Lives Matter activists at Navy Yard

On the 14th of January, Black Lives Matter activists confronted Mayor Bowser when she showed up at the Riverfront Bid Annual Meeting Luncheon. They condemned the racist crime bill she introduced last year and is still pushing, and demanded affordable housing and a higher minimum wage instead of more cops. Mayor Bowser is becoming famous not only for being in Wal-Mart's pocket but also for proposing more police, more fines, and more searches as the answer for seemingly everything.

Photo cropped from photo posted to Twitter by "freedom"

Anacostia Marches on 7D police station against Mayor's crime bill

On the 20th of October, Anacostia residents and anti-racist activists marched against Mayor Bowser's crime bill. The march started at the Congress Heights Metro station and ended with a street blockade in front of the 7D police station. Mayor Bowser wants to give cops more power to search people's homes and obtain GPS records on almost anyone under court "supervision," essentially legalizing Stop and Frisk for anyone who has already been arrested at least once-and anyone sharing their home.

Update 10-22:Wash Post calls crime bill "dead on arrival."

Video set to music, compiled from Twitter/Vine clips by Taylor Griffin and ActivismTech

Marching on 7D-Photo by Party for Socialism and Liberation

No to Bowser's Stop and Frisk crime bill!