Opponents of Cop City(Atlanta) reply to indictments with hard lockdown stopping construction

On the 7th of September, the Atlanta community sent a "fuck you, Russian warship!" style message to the prosecutors behind the Sep 5 grand jury indictments of 61 heroes for opposing the project. Activists invaded the construction site and locked down to bulldozers while passing motorists honked at a support rally. This is a real "put up or shut up" moment, and activists just "put up" in a very big way.

Video from inside the lockdown 2 min 4 sec

Orlando protests as Desantis replaces area's prosecutor w one of his minions.

On August 10, a substantial crowd protested outside Orlando City Hall against DeSantis sacking his SECOND elected prosecutor. This is not about someone losing their job, but rather about the dangerous fascist being appointed to take her place.

Video from the protest at Orlando City Hall 5 min

MAGA extremists, counterprotesters descend on DC Federal courthouse as Trump arraigned

Trump's appearance at DC's E Barret Prettyman Federal courthouse created a circus atmosphere outside, MAGA meatheads protested Trump's indictment for three major felonies stemming from his failed Jan 6 2021 coup attempt. They were in turn counterprotested by DC residents and others who were not pleased to Trumpers return to DC given the known history of violence Nov 14 2020-Jan 6 2021.

Video by Iron Snowflake: Scene at DC Federal court as Trump surrenders 4 min 11 sec

Video by John Zangas/DC Media Group: Chaotic scene outside the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse 2 min 51 sec

J6'ers and counterprotesters stage volume duel at DC Jail as Trump indictment #3 announced

The first of August was the 1 year anniversary of the extreme-right, pro-Trump/pro J6 protest at the DC Jail. As has been routine in recent months, counterprotesters drowned them out with bullhorns, sometimes in siren mode.

Video from raw clips by Ford Fischer and Evan Koslof 45 sec

Protest held for brutalized Tampa 5 student protesters before court hearing

On the 12th of July, protests were held all over the US for the Tampa 5, who were beaten, arrested, and charged w felonies for a peaceful protest at the University of S Florida on March 6. One of these protests was directly outside the courthouse, and the defendents spoke to the rally before going inside for what sounded like a status hearing.

Video including defendents speaking on this ugly case 1 min 37 sec

Protesters outside the courthouse in Tampa, FL

Atlanta cops raid house, charge "money laundering" for Stop Cop City BAIL FUND

Heads up! The Atlanta Police Department just raided the “teardown house” and arrested three people for allegedly managing the Stop Cop City BAIL FUND.Supposedly bailing other people out of the Dekalb County Jail is now “money laundering.” I suppose lawyers who don’t argue for their clients to be jailed are next?

Literally laundering money to demonstrate to Ga Gov Brian Kemp the difference between laundering money and raising bail funds 1 min 46 sec

Video by Boudigga comparing Ga Gov Brian Kemp to the Hunger Game’s President Snow 1 min 38 sec

THIS is laundering money! Raising funds for bail is NOT

Anti-Trump protesters in NYC force MTG to run for it as Trump surrenders to 34 felonies

Donald Trump's surrender and arraignment on 34 felony counts drew duelling protests to NYC, but anti-Trump protesters had the edge. Marjorie Taylor Greene was supposed to be the star of the pro-Trump protest but she had to abandon her attempt to appear and run for it (with a massive security escort) when anti-Trump protesters swarmed her attempt to enter the area.

Video compilation: the scene in NYC as Trump surrenders and protesters force MTG to bail out 1 min 41 sec

Shut Down DC holds Stop Cop City protest at DOJ

On the 28th of March, Shut Down DC protested at the Dept of Justice, demanding a Federal investigation into Georgia's human rights abuses over the Cop City project in Weelaunee Forest. At this time eight attendees at the march 5 music festival there are still being held without bond over muddy shoes or legal support numbers written on their arms.

Photo by Benjamin Goloff

Weelaunee Forest: Police Raid Medic space in SE Atlanta

Hands Off DC march/CD protests Congress blocking DC criminal justice reform

Video from clips by Our Rights DC 1 min 41 sec

Congress and the GOP have blocked DC's criminal justice reform bill in an ugly preview of things to come. On March 8, protesters marched on Capitol Hill and staged a civil disobedience against this interference, demanding statehood and the right to be left alone. Seventeen arrests were reported.

Still from Our Rights DC video