Atlanta Stop Cop City project posts promo video communique

On the 3ed of June, the Stop Cop City/Atlanta Forest Defense project posted a fundraising/promo video with many direct action scenes to scenes.noblogs.org

Stop Cop City promo video June 2022 1 min 30 sec

Banks in Philly get ATMs vandalized to support resistance to "cop city" in Atlanta forest

On the 26th of March, a communique appeared on scenes.noblogs.org
at https://scenes.noblogs.org/post/2022/03/26/banks-attacked-in-solidarity-... announcing ATM sabotage directed at banks supporting the "cop city" project to replace a forest outside Atlanta with a police training range.

Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio threatens DC Jail upon release

On the 14th of January, Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio was released from DC Jail. Reuters published a photo showing him in a T-shirt saying "Free the Proud Boys by any means necessary" and showing a man with a rifle.

The Reuters photo showing Tarrio's T-shirt saying "free the Proud Boys by any means necessary" and showing a firearm. Note that Tarrio's fly is open while he bluffs and blusters

Liberals, Fascists hold competing rallies on anniversary of attack on US Capitol

Jan 6, 2022 was the anniversary of the storming of the US Capitol by a mob of Nazis and Trump supporters same day last year. Fascists returned to DC in small numbers, marching on the DC Jail for their prisoners awaiting trial for the attempt to overturn the 2020 election by force. A few miles away, a coalition of over 100 groups held an opposing rally vowing never to let fascists install an open dictatorship in the US.

Video-Liberals condemn continuation of what Trump started at J6, Fascists talk hypocritically about jail conditions 2 min

ShutDown DC Hangs the "Expel all Fascists" Banner 1 min 2 sec

The rally at 3ed and Independence condemning the pro-Trump assault on the Capitol exactly a year earlier

Video-2021 in activism as seen from DC

Video-2021 in activism as seen from DC 16 min 40 sec

The past year in activism and politics, from the storming of the US Capitol by coup plotters to pipeline fights to the abortion showdowns

Protesters march on MPD's headquarters for Antwan Gilmore

On the 4th of December, protesters including members of Antwan Gilmore's family marched on MPD's main headquarters.The march began at the NY and FL Ave intersectionm where MPD officer Enis Jervis killed Antwan Gilmore on Aug 25. They found him asleep in his car, woke him up-and opened fire when he allegedly tried to drive away. Now family members and BLM activists are demanding that Enis Jervis be not just fired but locked up for his crime.

Video-speaker in front of MPD calls out pro-life hypocrites for ignoring Black lives 2 min 35 sec

Free Them All protest at courthouse demands release of ALL held at DC Jail

On the 10th of November, anti-prison activists pounced on the reports that the DC Jail expelled no less than the US Marshalls during a suprise inspection that found "inhumane conditions." Instead of moving a few hundred inmates hundreds of miles from their families, activists are demanding that all inmates at the DC Jail be released and judges STOP sending people into pretrial detention etc.

Video-reading demands, naming and shaming over DC Jail 1 min 32 sec

Free Them All protest demands release (not transfer) for every inmate at DC Jail

Supporters, family of Antwan Gilmore march on U st

On the 5th of November, Black Lives Matter activists supporting and accompanying the family of Antwan Gilmore again marched on U st. Antwan Gilmore was shot by MPD in August after being found sleeping in his car and accosted by cops.

Video-crowd reacts as Nellies patron screams "shut the fuck up" 34 sec

The march in front of still near-empty Nellie's Sports Bar

March for Antwan Gilmore harassed by off-duty cops, some of them drunk

On the 15th of October, off-duty/out of state cops in DC for a fallen officers memorial hassled and drew engagement from a Black Lives Matter march for Antwan Gilmore. Some of the cops were drunk while calling for MPD to attack the march.

Video: Chuck Modi's video of out of state cops arguing with protesters 59 sec

Still from Chuck Modi's Twitter video

Activists hold rally to demand NO vote on Metro police powers expansion.

On Sep 7, Black Lives Matter and transit activists rallied at Columbia Heights Civic Plaza to demand that the WMATA (Metro) board vote NO on the proposal to expand Metro police powers. This vote originally scheduled for July 29 was postponed to Sep 9 after WMATA board member Tom Bulger received a protest at his home on July 27.

Update Sep 9: vote on expanding Metro Transit Police powers expansion delayed again

Video by StonieFlix of continuing protest INSIDE Metro 44 sec