Anti-Trump protesters in NYC force MTG to run for it as Trump surrenders to 34 felonies

Donald Trump's surrender and arraignment on 34 felony counts drew duelling protests to NYC, but anti-Trump protesters had the edge. Marjorie Taylor Greene was supposed to be the star of the pro-Trump protest but she had to abandon her attempt to appear and run for it (with a massive security escort) when anti-Trump protesters swarmed her attempt to enter the area.

Video compilation: the scene in NYC as Trump surrenders and protesters force MTG to bail out 1 min 41 sec

Shut Down DC holds Stop Cop City protest at DOJ

On the 28th of March, Shut Down DC protested at the Dept of Justice, demanding a Federal investigation into Georgia's human rights abuses over the Cop City project in Weelaunee Forest. At this time eight attendees at the march 5 music festival there are still being held without bond over muddy shoes or legal support numbers written on their arms.

Photo by Benjamin Goloff

Weelaunee Forest: Police Raid Medic space in SE Atlanta

Hands Off DC march/CD protests Congress blocking DC criminal justice reform

Video from clips by Our Rights DC 1 min 41 sec

Congress and the GOP have blocked DC's criminal justice reform bill in an ugly preview of things to come. On March 8, protesters marched on Capitol Hill and staged a civil disobedience against this interference, demanding statehood and the right to be left alone. Seventeen arrests were reported.

Still from Our Rights DC video

Heavy cop presence some with AR-15 rifles at Atlanta Stop Cop City march

On March 8, an extremely heavy police presence shadowed an Atlanta Stop Cop City march. Some of the cops were armed with AR-15 rifles.

Video: three clips from much longer video by Ford Fischer, good view of cops w AR-15 rifles 2 min 19 sec

Still from Ford Fischer’s video of March 8 Stop Cop City march in Atlanta

Major Battle in Weelaunee Forest: most construction shit burned, cops retaliate against MUSIC FESTIVAL

Much happened in the Weelaunee Forest on the 5th of March, the second day of the March 4-11 week of action. Forest defenders managed to burn most of the "construction infrastructure" of the project, only to have cops assault a music festival (at least 35 arrests) later in the day.

Video compilation: dozers etc burn, cops assault music festival w rifles and armored vehicle. 3 min 30 sec

No cops at Weelaunee Forest week of action kickoff rally/march

The Atlanta Forest Defense March 4-11 week of action's Kickoff march into Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta went well. Not one cop dared show their face as people arrived at the well-named Intrenchment Creek trailhead.

In this video originally posted to Twitter by MicahinATL, marchers chant "if they build it we will burn it!" 44 sec

MPD cop whines "I feel threatened" to videographer at heavily defended drag show

On the 25th of February Washington DC MPD ofc Riley whined "I feel threatened" at a DC Homos videographer. He melted down like a snowcone in the FL sun while escorting a solo Proud Boy out of the area of a heavily defended drag show in SE DC. Only ONE Proud Boy showed up, sparking this incident.

Video originally posted to Twitter by DC Homos 7 sec

This zoomed in and cropped image from the DC Homos video shows Ofc Riley pointing at the videographer while escorting Proud Boy Betancur out of the area

Both GA Senators get Stop Cop City residential protests at their DC homes

On the 18th of February, outraged activists descended on the DC homes of both of Georgia's Senators demanding action to stop the infamous "Cop City" police training range in Atlanta's Weelaunee Forest. This is in memory of Turtuguita ("Little Turtle") who gave his life defending the woods. Since then the National Guard has descended on Atlanta and a firestorm of retribution has been meted out by activists from coast to coast. Even in the DC home demos the chant changed from "shut it down" to "burn it down" and warnings were issued Cop City would never be built and never be defended if it ever is.

Video: Both GA Senators get home demos, speakers were furious2 min 50 sec

Park Police raid destroys McPherson Square tent city

In recent months, McPherson Square had hosted a tent city set up by those evicted by Mayor Bowser's sweeps of so many other camps. On Feb 15, US Park Police and biohazard-suited trash collectors stormed McPherson and destroyed the tent city, evicting everyone and arresting two people who stood their ground.

Update Feb 17: Washington Post(disable js to bypass paywall): DC Admits only two former McPherson residents got permanent housing, 20 got temporary housing, 50+ scattered and still sleeping outside

Update Feb 16: Report on Twitter NPS had inserted undercover cops into the tent city

Video: Biohazard suited cowards protected by Park Police load tents into trash trucks, a veteran is arrested for standing his ground 1 min 41 sec

Video-McPherson resident stands his ground with constitutional arguments against tent city eviction 5 min 9 sec

NPS promised to store people's belongings. This storage of course was in the trash truck, transfer station, and landfill or incinerator