Protest at Peruvian Embassy demands Repsol pay for oil spill

On Jan 15, the Spanish (original colonizer) oil company Repsol spilled over 6,000 barrels of oil in a Peruvian port after waves from the distant Tonga volcanic eruption rocked their tanker in port while unloading oil. Peruvians have been protesting Repsol ever since, demanding accountability. One of these protests took place on Feb 13 at the Embassy of Peru here in Washington DC.

Video-why we protest Repsol 1 min 31 sec

Wiphala on display at protest against Repsol at Peruvian Embassy. This flag represents many Indigenous peoples of the Andean region

Extinction Rebellion brings debt/extraction protest back to IMF and World Bank

On the 4th of February, protesters returned to the IMF and World Bank. This time around it was Extinction Rebellion DC, protesting IMF and World Bank "loans" to nations in the global South-and demands that "debtor" nations permit fracking, pipelines, and fossil fuel export. From 20 to ten years ago, the IMF and World Bank endured siege after siege by protesters over almost the same issues.

Video of the protest including the failed attempt by security guards to stop chalking 2 min 28 sec

Protesters return to the IMF

COP26: New Research Shows Latin American and Caribbean Countries Face Growing Climate Risks

COP26: New Research Shows Latin American and Caribbean Countries Face Growing Climate Risks

Debt Relief Can Fund Climate Action, Says Religious Development Group

As climate talks continue in Scotland, new research shows that developing countries lack the resources to respond to the climate crisis.

IMF Urges Wealthy Countries to Send COVID Aid to Poor Countries

October 4, 2021

Available for interview: Eric LeCompte, Executive Director
Contact: Olivia Engling, Communications and Operations Manager / (202) 709-7696 

IMF Urges Wealthy Countries to Send COVID Aid to Poor CountriesCountries Can Donate Special Drawing Rights, an Emergency IMF Currency

Treasury Secretary Yellen Encourages Tax and Aid Deals to Confront Pandemic

Improving tax collection raises needed resources for countries, noted Treasury Secretary Yellen at a virtual G7 finance ministers meeting. Yellen praised a July G20 agreement to curb corporate tax avoidance. The agreement is supported by 134 countries.

IMF Proposes $50 Billion Vaccine Plan to End Pandemic and Boost Economy


As worldwide COVID cases peak, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva unveiled a $50 billion proposal to support vaccinations of 60% of the world's population. During a G20 and European Commission summit, Georgieva argued the global vaccine investment would end the pandemic and spur $9 trillion in economic gains by 2025.

Commentary: effect of DC's decade of IMF protest on current IMF/World Bank policy

On the 5th of April, Jubilee USA reported that the IMF has agreed to suspend "debt" repayments during the pandemic from 28 of the world's poorest countries. While this falls far short of the original and ongoing demand of full debt cancelllation, there is no way the pre-A16/April 2000 IMF and World Bank would have done this. A decade of protests mostly in DC came in between.

White House Announces Puerto Rico Disaster Rebuilding Aid

The White House announced a $3.7 billion disaster grant for Puerto Rico to rebuild reservoirs, dams, and wastewater facilities.

“Puerto Rico suffers from a debt crisis and is still recovering from hurricanes and earthquakes,” said Eric LeCompte, the Executive Director of Jubilee USA Network, a religious development organization. "The aid is vital as Puerto Rico needs to rebuild infrastructure damaged by disasters."

As G20 Leaders Meet, US Supports Expanding Debt Relief for Countries that IMF Says are Left Out

Washington DC – As G20 presidents and prime ministers convene, the IMF warns some countries are left out of the G20's new debt reduction process. Last Friday, the United States Treasury stated support for extending debt relief beyond the initial 73 poor countries which qualify for the G20 debt reduction process."The United States realizes that more countries will need debt relief to get beyond the coronavirus economic crisis," stated Eric LeCompte, the executive director of the religious development group, Jubilee USA.