Patriot Front heckled by antifa, expelled from antichoice march possibly by organizers

On the 21st of January, the neo-Nazi/open Fascist group Patriot Front attempted to sieze the lead position in the antichoice/forced birth "March for Life." At first they marched forward while MPD bike cops pushed back anti-Fascist and pro-choice counterprotesters. Soon, however, they had to withdraw to the sidewalk and make a left turn out of the march.

Video-Patriot Front heckled, removed-and your videographer chasing their U-haul 3 min

Patriot Front attempting to lead the entire forced-birth "march for life"

Black Lives Matter Plaza vandalized two days before forced-birth march

Two days before the annual anti-Roe v Wade forced birth march, unknown attackers vandalized BLM Plaza with "Jesus" and "All Lives Matter" graffiti. "All Lives Matter" is widely recognized as a code phrase for "White Lives Matter" or sometimes the pro-police "Blue Lives Matter." The timing and the "Jesus" scrawl suggest a connection to Friday's march.

Will Covid make Jan 21 antiabortion march a superspreading "March for Death?"

The Supreme Court appears poised to kill Roe v Wade, and the religious right is smelling blood. On Jan 21, probably about 1/4 million of them will pack the so-called "March for Life," marching shoulder to shoulder with no masks while shouting. Meanwhile, DC has become #1 Covid/Omicron hotspot in the entire US. That could turn this event into a superspreader on the scale of Sturgis 2020-a "March for Death."

Reproductive rights activists vigil at Supreme Court on anniv of Roe arguments

On the 13th of December 1971,the Supreme Court's heard oral arguments in the landmark Roe Vs Wade case that legalized abortion in those places in the US that banned it. Fifty years later, as the Court appears poised to reverse Roe, activists held a vigil in the dark, vowing to do whatever it takes to make upcoming bans on abortion, contraception, and other reproductive rights ineffective.

Pro-Choice protesters face off with extreme right, theocrats as SCOTUS hears abortion case

On Dec 1, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Missisippi abortion law case. It is widely suspected that with Trump's "justices" on the court, this case will bring a destablizing end to Roe vs Wade. Outside, "warriors for Christ" and the "official street preachers" hate group attempted to disrupt a big pro-choice rally, while Liberty University and other theocrats held their own antichoice rally.

Video-some of the most unsavory of the antichoice elements, including a hate group member with a Confederate flag glove 1 min 11 sec

An antiabortion protesters displays a Confederate flag on his glove outside the Supreme Court

Protesters descend on Supreme Court before oral arguments in TX abortion case

On the 1st of November, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments for their expedited review of the Texas SB-8 antiabortion law. This law empowers private citizens to act as bounty hunters to sue anyone helping anyone get an abortion just 6 weeks after conception. Pro-choice protesters grew in numbers as the dueling protests went on, while the antichoice turnout stayed constant.

Video-tales from Texas SB8 Hell recounted at rally 3 min 34 sec

High Heel Race returns to 17th st after covid-driven 2020 absence

On the 26th of October, the annual Halloween High Heel Race returned to 17th st. The 2020 race was cancelled for covid reasons, that was the only time it did not run. The infamous 1991 police raid on what was then an unofficial event run on Halloween itself provoked a furious response and a mass takeover of 17th st the following year. From then on, the city has held it as an official event prior to Halloween.

Video-scenes from the High Heel Race" 1 min 30 sec sec

Participants warming up

Pro choice protesters block 1st st NE,face off with theocrats at SCOTUS

On the 4th of October, the US Supreme Court began a new session. Christian Fundamentalist made exclusively religious arguments in their antichoice protest outside while pro-choice activists chanted against them and blockaded 1st st. Several of the pro-choice activists were arrested.

Video of dueling protests and the pro-choice civil disobedience at SCOTUS 3 min 54 sec

Closeup of part of the civil disobedience

Women's March marches on Supreme Court, faces off with counterprotesters

On the 2nd of October, the Women's March marched on the US Supreme Court to condemn their decision to uphold the Texas near-ban on abortion. Marchers were measured in thousands, counterprotesters in dozens. The cops penned the march into a dangerously narrow space by the Supreme Court while shouting matches were the limit of interaction with the right-wingers.

Video-marching on SCOTUS and confronting theocrat counterprotesters 4 min 31 sec

The Women's March coming up Capitol Hill

Kavanaugh gets 2nd home demo over TX abortion law-from neighbors

On the first day of October, Supreme Court so-called "Justice" Brett Kavanaugh got a second protest at his house over the Texas abortion law he chose to uphold. This time it was mostly his own neighbors, protesting after dark with a candlelight "Vigil for Democracy." Kavanaugh could not leave to escape the protest, as he is in quarantine at his house after a positive covid test.

Kavanaugh's own neighbors are now protesting his Supreme Court rulings on abortion rights