Armed LGBTQ march held in Dallas, Texas

On the 22nd of November, in the wake of the murderous anti-LGBTQ rampage at Club Q in Colorado Springs, an armed pro-LGBTQ march was held in the Austin, Texas "Gayborhood." The Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club participated and posted several videos to their Twitter account.

Video posted to Twitter by Elm Fork John Brown Gun 30 seconds

Dire warnings given by a speaker at Vigil for Club Q held in Santa Fe,NM

On the 22nd of November, one of no doubt a great many vigils remembering Club Q was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of the speakers warned the assembed crowd that over 300 anti-LGBTQ bills have been filed by (GOP) politicians in state houses nationwide. He warned listeners to "arm yourself with knowledge" etc, but the key words "arm yourself" carry another meaning. He also warned that "the shit's gonna get real."

Video-speaker warns of 300+ anti-LGBTA bills, says "Shits gonna get real" 45 sec

Mitch McConnell gets home demo in wake of Colorado Springs shooting

On the 22nd of November, protesters again showed up at the home of Mitch McConnell. This time they were there to demand accountability for GOP promotion of anti-LGBTQ hate in the wake of the armed attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs. Protest chants included "DC Don't like Fascists," "2,4,6,8 fascist hate won't make us straight 5,6,7,8 end the anti-trans hate" and many more.

Video clip by Our Rights DC 7 seconds

Street chalk left by protesters at Mitch McConnell's house (Our Rights DC photo)

"Justice" Amy Coney Barrett gets home demo night after Trump's acceptance speech

The 16th of November was just one night after Trump's formal announcement that he is running for the White House again. On that night, protesters again returned to the home of "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett, Trump appointee to the court. She also formerly held the title of "handmaid" in the Christian extremist group People of Praise.

Video from clips by Our Rights DC 1 min 28 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

Park Police attack Counterprotesters disrupting a TERF (anti-trans) rally

On the 7th of November, infamous anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen showed up in DC as part of her nationwide tour. Things got UGLY in DC. Park Police first demanded pro-trans activists move to a nearby spot, then attacked them and arrested one of them anyway for unknown reasons.

Video-Park Police attack counterprotesters, breaking promise to leave them alone if they moved back 1 min 11 sec

Disrupting the TERF rally w bullhorns at the Lincoln Memorial

Fl Board of Medicine final vote to kill gender affirming care for teens passes,hearing cut off early

On the 4th of November, the Florida Board of Medicine and Florida Board of Osteopathic medicine held a joint hearing to pass an almost total ban on gender-affirming care for teens. Only 8 speaking slots were allocated for pro and anti ban speakers, and a bunch of out of state detransitioners spoke in favor. Those opposing warned the proposal would trigger suicides-and several were physically removed, in one case for calling DeSantis the Nazi he is. The proposal passed, and power to mics was cut off and the hearing ended early.

Video-Opposing speakers harassed and removed,hearing descends into chaos and is cut off early 2 min 29 sec

W Va women disrupt Supreme Court proceedings, demand voting and abortion rights

On the 2nd of November, three women from W Va got inside the Supreme Court and shouted down the proceedings. They yelled ""We will restore our freedom to choose - women of America vote." This is one of the only times in all US history SCOTUS proceedings have been forced to pause by disruption inside.

Video: empty main courtroom shown,action is on audio, heard again after audio unmuted 32 sec

Still from West Virginia Rising's Twitter video,looks like SCOTUS's live feed

Iran solidarity protests continue in Orlando

On the 29th of October, a rally took place in a park North of Orlando's City Hall in solidarity with the ongoing "Woman, Life, Freedom" uprising in Iran. While news out of Iran is hard to get, protesters reported that conditions continue to worsen in what has become a war between the government and the uprising.

30 seconds

Orlando defends after Drag Queen Story Hour cancelled over threats from Nazis

In the week leading up to Oct 29, five different neo-Nazi groups including the Proud Boys, Patriot Front, National Socialist Movement and two more announced they would assault a Drag Queen Story Hour at the Center in Orlando. Not wanting to bring children into a battlefield, the story hour organizers cancelled but Nazis vowed to show up anyway. On the day of,most were no-show in the face of a powerful community defense

Video: Seven religious nuts show up, Proud Boys, NSM, et all chump out as community defends 1 min 51 sec

THIS is what any Proud Boys scouts passing the Center saw!

Fl Board of Health meeting tells trans kids "stop shouting" then votes to ban their medical care

On the 28th of October, the Florida Board of Health met at Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport to finalize rules prohibiting doctors from providing gender-affirming care for trans youth under 18 except as part of a University-run experiment. Trans youth and their supporters were told to "stop shouting" and take this assault in Q&A before the Board voted to toss them under an Evangelical bus.

Video-bike cops riding in to silence trans youth 11 sec

Bike cops rode into the meeting to intimidate trans youth and their friends