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Code Pink protests Egyptian death sentences and arrests of al-Jazerra journalists

On the 24th of June, Code Pink showed up outside the Egyptian Defense Office in DC, demanding that the military coup government of Egypt free the latest 183 protesters sentenced to death and free the three Al-Jazeera journalists they have arrested.

Photo by Code Pink

Dueling protests at the White House over new Iraq intervention

On the 21st of June, antiwar protesters showed up at the White House for the 2nd time in 6 days, demanding that Obama cancel plans new US intervention in Iraq. There were also opposing protesters who appeared to be Iraqi Shiites, the group fighting against ISIS. Organizers said they wanted intelligence sharing and arms, not occupation troops, but at least one of them claimed troops would not occupy the country.

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Antiwar activists protest smear campaign against former POW Bowe Bergdahl

On the 10th of June, members of multiple antiwar groups and a Muslim advocacy group showed up in front of the White House to welcome former POW Bowe Bergdahl's release, the release of 5 detainees from Gitmo, and condemn the vicious smear campaign the GOP has been mounting against Bowe. One speaker condemned using a POW for a "political football."

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SOA Watch activists facing charges for street mural

SOA Watch Activists Arrested and Charged with “Defacing Public or Private Property” in Washington, DC for Creating a Mural to Commemorate Victims of SOA Violence

Art is Not a Crime - Drop the Charges

SOA Watch video on Vimeo

Putin-Xi Huge Gas Deal Could End Dollar and US Domination

 by: CLAYTON HALLMARK  The situation between Russia and the USA almost has reached a state of “hot” war. Usually that is what happens when anyone threatens America’s dollar hegemony, which really is its hegemony. Russia and China soon may arrange for payments on their huge natural gas deal (and later a huge petroleum deal) to be made in OTHER THAN DOLLARS – a “RED LINE” for which lesser countries have been invaded and their leaders killed by US forces.Russia is the second-largest producer of dry natural gas and third-largest liquid fuels producer in the world.

Russian SPIMEX Oil Product Indices -- Soon will include Crude Oil, possibly add Russia's ESPO oil benchmark to existing world benchmarks Brent (North Sea, world) and WTI (Texas, USA).

Code Pink, Mohamed Soltan's brother lampoon Egyptian dictator at State Dept

On the 6th of May, Code Pink and Mohamed Soltan's brother showed up at the US Department of State to demand that the US cut off financial and military aid to Egypt's coup government.
Video of the State Department protest

Sisi's bloody hands on display at the US Dept of State

Organizers of Free Soltan rally report Egypt has sentenced 682 more protesters to death

On the 28th of April, Egyptian activists and supporters rallied at CSIS to demand that Mohamed Soltan be freed from prison. At the rally it was reported that over 600 more Egyptians have been sentenced to death over last summer's coup protests.

TPP and US bases in Phillipines get protest at USTR

On the 26th of April, activists from the Phillipines showed up in front of USTR to oppose Obama's "Asian Pivot."
video of TPP "Crazy Train" protest at USTR

The TPP Crazy Train is off the tracks and back at USTR!

Family members, Code Pink protest Egypt's detention of sit-in translater Mohamed Soltan

On April 21, Mohamed Soltan's two sisters and brother backed by Code Pink showed up at the Egyptian Embassy.
Video-Family members,other Egyptians and Code Pink speak out

In front of the gates of the Egyptian Embassy

Code Pink disrupts Egyptian Minister of Finance' event at US Chamber of Commerce

On the 11th of April, Egyptian Minister of Finance Hani Qadri Demian showed up to be "honored” at a luncheon staged by the US Chamber of Commerce, only to face disruption by Code Pink. Video (Youtube)