2nd Day of Keystone protests at State Dept-videographers hassled again

Climate First! is calling for daily protests against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline at the US Department of State. Beginning yesterday activists have met at the Foggy Bottom Metro and walked to the State Department to hold signs and give out fliers. On the 2nd of March, security guards again tried to order activists not to videotape them but were rebuffed.

Video of police orders not to video being defied, followed by video interview with one of the activists

Keystone XL protesters at Dept of State harassed by police for videotaping

On April 1, Fossil Fools Day, two activists from Climate First! staged the first of what will be an ongoing, 7 days a week protest in front of the US Dept of State against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. They witnessed police harassing an injured cyclist, and in response security guards claimed falsely that they could not shoot video of them-and that they needed a permit to protest on the sidewalk, which DC law does NOT require.

Video of police harassment

Pro tar sands ad posters infest Farragut North Metro

On my way to a tar sands protest, I was disgusted by the volume of "Canadian Energy" advertisements aimed at the rich and powerful in and around the Farragut North metro station and even at nearby bus shelters.

Chesapeake Earth First! enters Hill and Knowlton lobby against Enbridge #9

On the 19th of March, Chesapeake Earth First! entered the building housing Hill & Knowlton, lobbyists for Enbridge. This was in response to a First Nations call for solidarity actions against Enbridge for reversing the flow of their old #9 pipeline to carry tar sands oil.

Luke's Video

Six arrests at Calvert County Courthouse in Cove Point gas export CD

On the 13th of March, six MD residents were arrested outside the Calvert County courthouse while protesting Dominion Eneergy's proposed LNG (liquified natural gas) export plant at Cove Point.

Sec State Kerry draws Keystone XL protest to Gridiron Dinner

On the 8th of March, Secretary of State John Kerry was scheduled to speak at the white-tie "Gridiron Dinner" at the Renaissance Hotel. Outside were protesters against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Video from the KLX protest outside the Gridiron dinner:


Tar sands protesters march, project images on US Dept of State

At midnight on the 6th of March, the deadline for formal public comment on the State Dept's phoney statement about the environmental impact of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline passed. Hours earlier, protesters marched on their 23ed st headquarters.

Video of 3-6 evening KXL march and comment projection at State

398 arrested in "XL Dissent" civil disobediance against tar sands pipeline

On the 2nd of March, an estimated 2,000 opponents of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline marched from Georgetown University to the White House for the largest one-day civil disobediance against the pipeline DC has seen.

Video of the march and civil disobediance
Video including the fake oil spill in front of Kerry's house, by "Organizer X" (youtube)