Tour of Shame marches on GOP Senator's homes after SCOTUS disables EPA on climate

On the last day of June, the Supreme Court released another atrocious ruling, this time gutting the ability of EPA to control CO2 emission from fossil fuel burning power plants. Hours later, protesters staging a "Tour of Shame" unfurled a "We the Corporations" preamble to a new Constitution and marched it from SCOTUS to the nearby homes of several GOP Senators.

Video: Tour of Shame visits the homes of many GOP Senators 6 min 1 sec

"We the Corporations" the Constitution as interpreted by Trump's Supreme Court

Debt for Climate march on IMF demands cancellation of Global South Debt

On the 26th of June, the "Cancel Debt for People and Planet" march descended on the DC headquarters of the International Monetary Fund or IMF. Protesters lit off smoke flares and held a street theater demanding that rich countries cancel debts owed by the Global South. This is being proposed as an alternative to extracting fossil fuels to be sold to get money to pay these "debts."

Video-Smoke flares and street theater at IMF Headquarters 2 min 17 sec

Extinction Rebellion takes over DC Council in full hazmat suits against gas project

On the 7th of June, Extinction Rebellion DC activists in full hazmat suits took over the DC Council chamber while the council was in session.They used a loudspeaker to play Antonio Guterres's speech before the UN demanding an end to investments in new fossil fuel infrastructure, then chanted "DMV, gas free!"

Video from XRDC's Twitter clips 41 sec

Extinction Rebellion DC photo

Extinction Rebellion DC disrupts DC Council Chair candidate's forum over $5B gas project

On the 16th of May, Extinction Rebellion again targetted DC Government support for Washington Gas's proposed $5 billion pipeline replacement project. This time, they disrupted a candidate's forum for DC City Council chair candidates. Rather than answer questions raised by XRDC, organizers simply ended the event early.

Video-questioning the candidate's forum about the value of any other issue on an unstable planet.

Pro-Earth and Indigenous activists hold vigil for Wynn Alan Bruce

On the 29th of April, pro-Earth and Indigenous activists gathered at the Supreme Court for a vigil remembering Wynn Alan Bruce, who set himself on fire a week earlier at SCOTUS to protest climate chaos and air pollution.

Several of the activists continued the vigil through the dark night.

Vigil at the Supreme Court for Wynn Alan Bruce continued through the night

Wynn Alan Bruce sets himself on fire at Supreme Court over climate chaos

Friday, April 22nd was Earth Day. On that day, Wynn Alan Bruce, a devout Buddhist, set himself on fire in front of the Supreme Court to protest climate chaos and air polllution. He died the next day. The Washington Post "reported" this story-but with not a single mention of why Mr Bruce set himself ablaze.

Extinction Rebellion blockades Wilson Building demanding action vs Washington Gas

On the 22nd of April, Extinction Rebellion DC dropped a banner and set off smoke flares to reinforce a blockade of the Wilson Building. They were demanding that the DC Council act to prevent Washington Gas from spending $ 5 billion on new gas distribution infrastructure at a time when the world needs to be transitioning off off of fracked gas.

Video: Deploying a banner and flares at the Wilson Building against Washington Gas's $5 billion project 3min 26 sec

Photo by Extinction Rebellion DC

Grant Town Power Plant blockaded in W Va for burning Manchin's coal

On the 9th of April, hundreds of climate and democracy advocates descended on West Virginia's Grant Town Power Plant and blocked the main gate. Over 50 people were arrested, some of them were in lockboxes. After the arrestees where cleared, the gate remained closed, other protesters remained in front of it and the driveway remained blocked. This power plant is the sole customer of Sen Manchin's coal company.

Video: protesters hold their ground even after the lockdown is arrested 1 min 24 sec-w Extra video clips of the arrests of the hard lockdown by (C)hicago (F)ree (M)edia via Twitter

Protesters effectively blockading the Grant Town Power Plant's driveway over an hour after the hard blockade was arrested. They remained there much of the day

Declare Emergency blockades I-395 for the second time in one week

On the 8th of April, Declare Emergency and Scientist Rebellion returned to the site of a blockade of I-395 earlier in the week for Round II. The blockade site shuts off the route used by most Congressmen with homes in Virginia to go to work. Demands were for action against climate chaos, that the government declare a climate emergency, and that the Enbridge Line 3 and Line 5 projects be stopped forever.

Video-setting up the blockade, its effects, and cops arresting blockaders 4 min 18 sec

At least five arrests as climate protesters lock themselves to White House fence

On the 6th of April, protesters with the "Scientist rebellion locked themselves to the White House fence with chains and U-locks. Police closed all of Lafayette Square in response, in a futile attempt to block photography of their extraction efforts. After about an hour and a half, the cops cut the locks and arrested at least five people.

Video: Cops close Lafeyette Sq, arrest at least 5 in climate CD 3 min 52 sec