Solo protesters chains herself to Supreme Court against Amy Coney Barrett nomination

On the 25th of October, the U$ $enate prepared for an all-night session to pave the way for a final vote to ram Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. As they did so, a single protester chained herself to the Supreme Court, saying NO to this misogynistic and homophobic excuse for a "justice."

Photo by Alg0rhythm

Duelling protests greet highly irregular Sen committee vote to confirm Barrett

The 22nd of October saw duelling protests at the Supreme Court, Rayburn Building, and Capitol after a rushed Senate Judiciary Committee vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett 12-0. All Democrats boycotted the hearing. Twice Sen Lindsey Graham defined Senate rules to hold the vote.

Video: The US Capitol rally and disruption of right-wing events 2 min 8 sec

A loud sound system disrupted and may have played a role in driving off a right-wing rally at the Supreme Court. Songs played included The Coup "We got the gullotine." Right-wingers decamped to a new rally site at the Dirksen.

The Shortwave Report 10/23/20 Listen Globally!

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Protesters march on Senate as GOP attempt to call immediate vote on Barret falls flat

On the 14th of October, GOP Senators announced intentions to call an immediate committee vote on Trump's Amy Coney Barret nomination for Supreme Court. Protesters mobilized early AM on Oct 15 to oppose this rushed vote, while the Dems exercised their procedural right to force a one week delay. Protesters then marched around the Dirksen and Hart buildings before linking up with a go-go sound truck.

Video-Protesters march on Senate w "handmaids" up front 58 sec

Protesters in "Handmaid's Tale" uniforms lead a march protesting Amy Coney Barret, who actually held the title of "handmaid" in "People of Praise."

Video-DC Bike Party, ShutdownDC, Extinction Rebellion DC stage joint "get out the vote" ride

On the 14th of October, DC Bike Party partnered with Shutdown DC and Extinction Rebellion DC for a Halloween-themed "Get out the Vote" bike ride. Hundreds participated.

Video-the ride at St John's Church, and Halloween theme on display at Union Station 1 min 15 sec

The bike party passes St John's Church, site of Trump's June 1 tear-gas enabled Bible thumping photo op

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COVID Crisis: G20 Defers Action on Aid, Tax and Debt Cancellation

G20 finance ministers agreed to extend debt payment relief for the 73 poorest countries and, in principle, to have a common framework to cancel debts. The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors met on global COVID-19 response plans ahead of the Annual IMF and World Bank Meetings.

Barrett nomination attracts hate groups to DC

The 13th of October was an ugly day for the US Supreme Court. Trump's nominee Amy Coney Barrett refused to answer whether voter intimidation is illegal and refused to commit to recusing herself from deciding a disputed election. As she spoke, hate groups such as the anti-GLBTQ "Concerned Women for America" were in town lobbying for her confirmation.

Concerned Women for AmeriKKKa's lobbyist bus parked at Dept of Labor just waiting...

Protests and civil disobedience greet start of Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings

Early on the rainy and windswept morning of Oct 12, protesters responded to the start of Trump's Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barret with a blockade of the Dirksen Building. Twenty-one arrests were reported. Duelling protests both for and against the nomination continued at least until Noon if not later.

Video-duelling protests outside the Supreme Court shortly before Noon 2 min 12 sec

Blockade at the Dirksen building: Photo by Elm

Trump defies quarantine, Hatch Act to hold "law and order" rally at White House

On the 10th of October, a potentially still-contagious Donald Trump invited 2,000 GOP supporters to a "Back the Blue" rally on the White House South Lawn. While the theme was law and order, Trump violated DC health codes concerning isolation while actively infectious with COVID as well as the Hatch Act. The Hatch act forbids use of government assets (such as the White House) for partisan political purposes.

After Trump's rally:Trumpers march mocking BLM, supporting theocracy with "Jesus Matters" chant 26 sec

Trumpers vandalize posters at 16ht and H White House fence 6 sec

Image via "Vicky" (Twitter)