Orlando protests as Desantis replaces area's prosecutor w one of his minions.

On August 10, a substantial crowd protested outside Orlando City Hall against DeSantis sacking his SECOND elected prosecutor. This is not about someone losing their job, but rather about the dangerous fascist being appointed to take her place.

Video from the protest at Orlando City Hall 5 min

J6'ers and counterprotesters stage volume duel at DC Jail as Trump indictment #3 announced

The first of August was the 1 year anniversary of the extreme-right, pro-Trump/pro J6 protest at the DC Jail. As has been routine in recent months, counterprotesters drowned them out with bullhorns, sometimes in siren mode.

Video from raw clips by Ford Fischer and Evan Koslof 45 sec

Drenching rain can't stop huge "We the People" march against DeSantis

On the 2nd of July, a massive crowd gathered in Ft Lauderdale, FL to march against FL Governor DeSantis's vile and hateful new laws that went into effect the previous day.

Chaos in Miami, protester charges motorcade after Trump's arraignment on 37 Federal felonies

There were fights and showy scenes like someone with a fake pig's head with a US flag in it, but the star of the show was a heroic warrior who burst forth from the crowd as Trump's motorcade was leaving and blocked the road.By his own reports about 20 cops tackled him but his point was made. He was in 1930's style jail stripes and even a mock ball and chain.

Video of the circus in Miami w DC's own Nadine and the protester charging the motorcade 1 min 8 sec

Still from Joel Franco's video of a protester blocking Trump's motorcade

DC activists celebrate as Trump gets indicted on 37 Federal charges

On the 10th of June, some DC activists celebrated the news that former "Not My President" Donald Trump has been indicted on 37 Federal charges.

Video by John Zangas:Celebration in front of the White House 42 seconds

Still from video by John Zangas

Breaking: Trump INDICTED 7 Federal counts Espionage Act

On the 8th of June, former "Not My President" Trump was indicted on 7 Federal charges of violating the Espionage Act. The most serious charge is willful retention of national defense secrets, which is a major felony but short of dissemination of national defense secrets in severity. Obstruction and conspiracy charges were also filed.

DeSantis's "Twitter Fail" Presidential announcement draws protesters to 4 Seasons Miami

On the 24th of May, Florida's fascist and theocratic extremist governor Ron DeSantis formally announced he is running for President in 2024. This announcement was delayed over a half hour by "problems" at Twitter of unknown origin. In Miami, his supporters were beginning a two day retreat at the Four Seasons Miami. This drew a small number of pro-Trump protesters and a large number of anti-GOP/anti-Fascist/anti-theocratic protesters. At least three of the latter got inside the event before being expelled.

Video of the anti-theocrat/anti-GOP/anti-Fascist protest against DeSantis 3 min 48 sec

Women's Voices of SW Florida activists eating pudding inside the Four Seasons 54 sec

Protesters in downtown Miami against DeSantis

Occupy Polk Day 2: campaign for ballot question to protect abortion in FL

The 10th of May was the second day of Occupy Polk, which is camping on private property at a women's clinic, out of reach of cops attempting to arrest them for or otherwise prevent them from camping. They are campaigning to put a referendum on the 2024 Florida ballot to guarantee abortion rights and overturn all of DeSantis's extremist anti-abortion laws.

Video: rallying at the roadside, trying to pay Sen Collins a visit 1 min 35 sec

DeSantis appearance at Heritage Foundation in DC draws furious protesters

On the 18th of April, genocidal anti-Trans Fl Governor DeSantis showed up in DC at the Heritage Foundation. This while trans kids were arrested in the FL State House trying to stop a bill to allow CPS to take them from their familes and he just signed a 6 week abortion ban. Furious protesters forced him to slink in via the back door-and surprised him there when he left.

Video-confronting DeSantis at Heritage Foundation 1 min 39 sec

Don't Say DeSantis (Photo by Our Rights DC)