Neo-Nazis at NPI convention sprayed with silly string and caught smoking

On Halloween, the 31st of October, the neo-Nazi American Policy Institute (NPI) Convention met at the National Press Club. Many well-known white supremacists were in attendance. To get in, they had to run a gauntlet of anti-racist protesters who not only called them out on their racism but also sprayed them down with Silly String. Later, one of the Nazis was observed smoking next to the Press Club's sign "no smoking within 25 feet of entrance" sign. Security guards made no attempt to interfere with this smoking violation.

Political efforts by NPI include attempts to make the GOP an all-white party, support for eugenics, and efforts to build alliances with fascist and extreme-right parties in Europe. NPI head Richard Spencer was banned from the entire European Union for three years after an attempt to hold an NPI convention in Hungary was shut down by police. Spencer is also closely connected to Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, whose conventions were run out of the DC area by a determined activst campaign in 2006, 2008. and 2010. The 2010 attempt to hold an American Renaissance Convention in or near DC foundered when every last intended venue refused to host them after community objections.

Here is a list of some of the NPI speakers:

Ronan Bernard – French writer and member of Génération Identitaire, the youth wing of the fascist Bloc Identitaire. Founded in 2003 they promote what they consider to be French heritage (which of course means exclusively white), and opposes inter-racial marriage. In 2006, the group was accused of distributing pork-laden "identity soups" to homeless people in Nice, Paris, and other European capitals with the express purpose of excluding Jews and Muslims. Their slogan is “Ni keffieh, ni kippa”.(“Neither keffieh, nor yarmulke”)

Guillaume Faye – Another French writer and journalist known for his anti-Muslim extremism. He was a onetime members of the nationalist think-tank GRECE (“Research and Study Group for European Civilization”), whose founder Alain de Benoist spoke at the NPI conference in DC in 2013.

Kevin MacDonald – Psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach and board member of the white supremacist Charles Martel Society, Director of the American Freedom Party. MacDonald is known for his rabid antisemitism and racism. Referred to Anders Brevik, the mass shooter of 77 persons including children at a left-wing camp in Oslo, Norway as a “serious political thinker with a great many insights and some good practical ideas on strategy.”

Jack Donovan – A writer best known for his contributions to White Supremacist and Men Rights blogs and websites. Although a gay man he has written a number of articles attacking the gay community, and while he says he is not a White Nationalist, he supports them, saying. "They are not all equally right about everything, but I am sympathetic to many of their general aims."

Keith Preston – A phony anarchist from Richmond, Virginia that promotes fascism under the guise of anarchism.

R.N. Taylor – Self-described “White Sepratist” Folk musician best known for his band Changes, which is known for its Nazi imagery and fascist symbols on stage. Taylor has also worked with members of the neo-fascist band Death in June. A one time member of the violent right wing paramilitary group of the 1950s and 1960s the Minutemen, he has boasted of taking part in attacks against the homes of African-American families, as well as hanging African-Americans in effigy from lampposts in Chicago during the late 1960s.

Sam Dickson - A former lawyer for the Ku Klux Klan, Dickson has held leadership positions with the Council of Conservative Citizens and the Charles Martel Society - a non-profit responsible for the white hate publications Occidental Observer and Occidental Quarterly. In addition to his activities in the white-collar neo-Nazi scene, Dickson also made a fortune in the tax lien and title acquisition market, buying the deeds from struggling families of color and strong-arming them out of their homes for a quick profit.

Vidoe of silly string spraying and Nazis smoking under the no-smoking sign

An attendee at the neo-Nazi "National Policy Institute" convention being sprayed with Silly String by anti-racist protesters

One of NPI's neo-Nazi attendees smoking by the no-smoking sign. The security guard at left did nothing about it

Silly String for Silly Nazis
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