Vivisection protesters descend on Skanska office, homes over U-Wa lab contract

Skanska is one of the largest construction companies on Earth. Skanska USA has a $90M contract with University of Washington to build an underground primate research laboratory that may also be used against other animals. On the 30th of October anti-vivisection protesters showed up in front of their Arlington, VA office. That evening two Skanska executives received protests at their homes. This was part of the continent-wide #HauntSkanska campaign, which in turn is part of the No New Animal Lab campaign against University of Washington's under construction vivisection lab.

Here is a report on the home demos by DC Stampede:

Later, noisy groups visited the homes of Christopher Cardinale, Senior VP and General Counsel, and Stephen Skinner, Executive VP and General Manager of Skanska's DC office. Though Skinner was clearly visible listening and watching through his window, neither was willing to come outside and face demonstrators. A group of Skinner's neighbors began chanting back, attempting to drown out the demo and adding to the noise. When a couple other confrontational neighbors came outside to complain (at 8pm) that that the demo was waking up their kids, protestors calmly explained that they should talk to Skinner about his company's decisions. The neighbors replied instead that they'd "send a donation to Skanska" and threatened to "bring out" their dog. Protestors left even more determined to continue demos in Skinner's cul-de-sac.

Video-protesters unfurl banner-state reason for this protest

Haunting Skanska
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