Code Pink protests "Predator" drone talks at Air and Space

On the 27th of September the National Air and Space Museum hosted the "Predator: Transforming Modern Warfare with Drones" talk. The featured speaker was James G. “Snake” Clark, a former US killer drone commander. Outside Code Pink protested the talk and the drone exhibit with a banner, a mock drone, and a die-in. Attendees mostly refused Code Pink leafets detailing how many people these drones have killed.

While attendees mostly refused the fliers and security guards came out of the building during the die-in, at least this time they did not open up on Code Pink with pepper spray like they did back in 2011 in that infamous attack during the early days of Occupy when "Stop the Machine" and Code Pink protested a drone event there.

Here are some figures from the flier Code Pink distributed: Pakistan 2004-2015 had between 423 and 965 civilians killed by US drone strikes. Between 172 and 207 of them were children. An additioal 1,158 to 1,738 people were wounded by these terror bombings. Yemen 2002-2015 had between 65 and 101 civilians killed by US drone strikes. Either 8 opr 9 of them were children. An additioal 92 to 223 people were wounded. Afghanistan has had between 44 and 102 civilians killed by US drone strikes. Somewhere betwen 3 and 21 of them were children. An additioal 106 to 111 people have been wounded. These figures are taken from the "drone papers" that elsewhere detail that perhaps 80% of people killed by drones were not even the intended individual targets. More on this at

Video of the die-in outside Air and Space

Die-in at Air and Space
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