Tar sands/Enbridge protesters lock down at Kerry's house for 5 hours

On the 25th of August, MidWest Unrest marched on the home of Seceretary of State John Kerry. Upon arrival a wave of protesters went over the police pens protecting the house and locked down in a hard blockade. It was 5 hours before police managed to arrest the blockaders. A year ago, Kerry's State dept illegally approved border bypass scheme to increase capacity of the Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline without public input.

Protesters arrrived at John Kerry's house a little after 10:40AM and promptly locked down. As of 2:25PM they are still present and police have made no attempt to cut what looks almost like a "human pipeline" blockkng easy access to Kerry's house. Secretary of State Kerry is apparently home, someone reported seeing him perring out a window at the protest.

Enbridge is seeking to bypass stalled approval to nearly double the flow thorough the existing Alberta clipper pipeline by routing tar sands "oil" to another, parallel line that was first built in 1968 to get it over the US border, then back to the Alberta Clipper. It was this plan that the dept of State signed off on a year ago without the legally required public input, Existing tar sands pipelines owned by Enbridge have become notorious for spills (over 800 so far) which are essentially impossible to clean up.


Video-setting up in lockboxes, then arrests nearly 5 hours later

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Marching to Kerry's house

The blockade up close

This undercover cop’s gun and radio “print” right through his shirt

One of the blockaders under arrest after holding out nearly 5 hours

Lockboxes at Kerry's place
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