Climate activists demand Smithsonian remove David Koch from Board of Regents

On the 15th of June, the Smithsonian's Board of Regents met at the museum's "castle." Outside were climate activists demanding the removal of David H Koch from the boards of both of the Smithsonian's Museums of Natural History (DC and NYC). In addition, they demanded the Smithsonian reject financial contributions from the Koch Brothers, who have spent billions on climate change denial. The activists delivered four boxes filled with petitions asking the Smithsonian to cut ties with the Koch's to the board meeting, they were accepted by Smithsonian staff.

Koch money and bribes have been so toxic to ethics in places like Congress that the work "Kochaine" is acutally defined by "Urban Dictionary" as "highly addictive substance derived from the rare and toxic Koch parasite." Perhaps the Koch Brothers, whose money has addicted so many politicans should really be called the Krak Brothers?

In the case of the Smithsonian, the musuem claims to accept that climate change is man-made, but a Koch-funded exhibit in the Musuem of Natural History in DC claims that humans will simply evolve to live with climate change. This ignores the fact that no organism can evolve to live in a radically changed environment in one or two generations. It also implies, presumably on purpose, that since humans will supposedly evolve changes to adapt to climate change that nothing need be done about it.

It is an established pattern in politics, those who cannot defend something sometimes simply choose to deny that it exists, has happened, or is happening. The racist far right is known for this, not it appears that the fossul fuel lobby is following in their footprints. Behind them we may all be walking in dinosaur footprints, all the way to possible extinction! Even if we survive, thousands of other species will not.

Video-protest demanding the Smithsonian dump the Koch Brothers

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