Armed US drones protested at Air and Space

Inside the National Air and Space Museum is a drone exhibit (Predator drone included) that ignores the civilian deaths Obama's and Bush's armed drones have caused while glorifying military drones in general. On Feb 28, protesters showed up with leafets, signs, and a mock drone in front of Air and Space.

The tripod-mounted "drone" was kept on the Mall side of the street, presumably due to a history of police harassment of prior protests against war and armed drones at Air and Space. In an October 2011 protest of this same drone exhibit police went so far as to pepper spray protesters for unfurling a banner inside. True to form, police or security guards claimed falsely to one of the protesters that the sidewalk outside Air and Space was private property and that giving out leaflets there was illegal. Police did not try this a second time when a protester returned to the same area, this time backed up by a camera.

video-Antiwar protest "drone" appears to fly outside Air and Space Museum

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