DC Ferguson marches on 7D police station

On the 22nd of February, DC Ferguson met at the Congress Heights Metro in Anacostia and marched on the 7th District police station. Protesters were demanding justice for Ralphael Briscoe, who was shot in the back by a police "jump-out" squad back in 2011 without having even been suspected of having committed a crime. The shooting was described by one speaker as being a "drive-by." As usual, the police involved in this murder have been cleared of all charges and returned to duty. DC Ferguson is demanding that these murderers be punished-and that police jump-out tactics be ended in DC forever.

Video recently emerged of the Ralphael Briscoe shooting and has been cited as proof that police jump-outs exist in DC. At first MPD tried to claim to have discontinued the use of jump-outs 15 years ago, now they try to claim this is only the "vice squad" in the face of flatout proof that jump-out tactics are in use. One speaker asked "if jump-outs don't exist, how come everyone in DC's African-American neighborhoods knows exactly what they are?"

Video of march on 7D and speakers in front of 7D

In front of the 7th District headquarters of MPD

Marching up Alabama Ave on the way to 7D

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