Code Pink attempts to arrest Henry Kissinger in Congress

Henry Kissinger is a notorious war criminal who must watch where he travels because of arrest warrants abroad. On the 29th of January, he found that citizen's arrest is also a danger. He showed up to speak before the Senate Armed Services Committee, only to find Code Pink was waiting for him. Considerable disruption ensued as the banners came up and Code Pink attempted to serve those international warrants via a citizen's arrest.

Kissinger is responsibe in part for over a million deaths in Vietnam, and for torture and murder in many places. In Chile, Henry Kissinger had a hand in the coup that overthrew Salvador Allende's democratically elected government. This put Pinochet into power, and dissidents were subjected to torture and murder. In an infamous 1986 case, two Chilean teenagers who grew up in the US were burned alive by security forces after being captured by troops at a protest. For his role in abuses in Chile, a Spanish court has issued a European arrest warrant against Kissinger. He is wanted for questioning by French courts as well for his role in Operation Condor (Chile) and the disappearance of 5 French nationals in Chile.

Youtube video from C-SPAN posted by Dahboo777

Reading the warrant: photo by Code Pink

Handcuff for Henry Kissinger: Code Pink photo

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