Park Service killing deer in Montgomery County, MD section of Rock Creek Park

While the NPS has finished killing deer in Rock Creek Park for the seasion, the Maryland National Capitol Park Police have started shooting deer themselves on the MD side of the state line. On Jan 28, activists tracked the man putting out corn bait to one exact site where deer are being shot.

Entry is by the second area where it is possible to park on Jones Mill Road south of Beach Drive, the one shortly before the playground. From the trail on the far side of the bridge, after passing a ravine on the right, a tree with a flag on it can be observed back towards the road. By that tree is the corn, a second tree with a flag ribbon nailed to it is almost due north on a line parallel to the road, with no corn at it's base. This appears to be the shooting position for a deer stand, with the line of fire parallel to the road.

Video of the sucessful tracking session to find the place where deer are being killed near Beach Drive in MD

Entry to the area on the side of Rock Creek Park oppposite from Jones Mill Road on the creek itself.

This is the Park Service vehicle carrying the corn to be spread under the tree. It had to be carried on foot from the spot where this cart was parked as there was no hard trail wide enough.

The kill zone

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