Hypocrisy reigns after drone crash on White House grounds

On the 26th of January, mainstream media outlets reported that a hobbyist drone crashed somewhere on the White House grounds and was "self reported" by the hobbyist. The White House, of course is where all the orders come from for much larger CIA drones to bomb and kill people all over the world, yet they are whining about this tiny, unarmed hobbyist drone.

The drone in question was reported to be a 4-rotor quadraacopter about 2 feet across. For this, the Secret Service and presumably the FAA say they will request that the US Attorney's office consider this case for prosecution. This is beyond hypocritical, given how many drones Obama has flown and yes, crashed in other people's countries. One of Obama's crashed drones was an RQ-170, crashed in Iran and now being put into production there after some reverse engineering.

No doubt Obama is welcome to do the same in this case, building replicas of the downed quadracopter for recreational use by the White House staff. Surveillance use by Secret Service, however, would be quite another matter.

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