Black Lives Matter rally and march in Silver Spring

On the 24th of January, civil rights protesters showed up in Silver Spring, MD next to the outdoor skating rink by the Civic Center. Although this small group was entirely peaceful, heavily armored Montgomery County cops and three cop cars lurked about a block back watching. The music at the skating rink was gradually turned up in an attempt to override the rally speakers and their megaphone. The rally was very visible to all those using the skating rink, and educational in an unexpected place. It was followed by a short march through downtown Silver Spring.

This time around, the perfidy of Montgomery County Police arresting perceived organizers at Wheaton Plaza after pretending to cooperate with them was not repeated. Although cops shadowed both the rally and the march, I did not see any aggression from them and as of 6PM there are no reports of anyone being jumped after the fact by cops.

Video highlights of the march and rally

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