Cops arrest activist after civil rights protesters confront National Mayor's Winter Meeting

On the 21st of January, civil rights protesters showed up outside the National Mayor’s Winter Meeting at the Capitol Hilton. They were demanding accountability for killer cops and police brutality. DC cops arrested an activist they deemed an organizer as protesters confronted Philadelphia's police commissioner outside the hotel. This was after activists asked how he liked being on the receiving end of a jump-out.

The protest at one point blocked K Street and at another point staged a die-in at the doors of the hotel. The die-in forced cops to severely limit access to the hotel. Almost as soon as protesters got up, out came the police commissioner of Philadelphia. He pushed and shoved protesters as he sought to force his way through contested space. Protesters asked how he liked being on the receiving end of a jump-out.

Of course, in this jump-out it was Philly's police commissioner (the target) doing the pushing and shoving, if this had been a real cop jump-out that would have gotten him slammed to the pavement under 4-600 pounds of cops. Certainly he would have been subjected to a search, legally or otherwise. This being a symbolic protest jump-out he was able to get away with far more than just saying "I do not consent to a search" and refusing to empty his pockets(which he was not even asked to do). Instead of being asked to empty his pockets, he was asked if he knew there was a genocide against Black people being killed by police. He said he "was sorry" but refused to answer any questions. Again, had this been a real jump-out that alone might have gotten him arrested, if not, his repeated "simple assaults" against protesters (who would have been cops in a real jump-out) would have guaranteed it. Instead it was a protester who was arrested and had her arm twisted behind her back by police. She was released later in the evening with three charges pending, one of them "simple assault." All of the charges are being called out as lies by activists. It is believed this was a targetted arrest of someone deemed an organizer, at least the 3ed in the DC area in the past month

Video of police arresting an activist and using pain holds

Video of street blockade and die-in at National Mayors' Winter Meeting

The die-in in front of the National Mayor’s Winter Meeting

Asking Philly's police comissioner how it feels to be on the receiving end of a jump-out! Photo by Chuck Modi

Cop twisting an activist's arm behind her while arresting her:photo by Nessa

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