Police arrest White House antinuclear vigiler in continuing campaign of harassment

On the morning of Saturday, March 29th, US Park Police again attacked the 33 year old antinuclear/peace vigil in front of the White House. This time they arrested the person at the vigil on a pretext charge so they could dismantle the vigil.
It didn't work. The activist being arrested (one of many taking relief shifts for Connie) managed to place an emergency phone call and a second relief vigiler was able to reach the scene before the cops could remove the vigil.

The Park Police must have considered this a very unpleasant surprise, and demanded ID before agreeing to surrender the vigil back to its rightful owners.

This comes after the failed attempt to kill the vigil by forcibly removing or ordering removed under threat of force the tent and chair. Vigilers were able to improvise and that attack, one of a decades-long string of failed police attempts to end the "Peace park" vigil failed.

As of now, the vigil is still in place, but it has become considerably more hazardous for activists to mantain it between limitation to improvised shelter and the new danger of pretext arrests for such things as daring to speak out to tourists.