Reportback from March 20-22 Ringling Brothers circus protest

Last week (March 20-22), the Ringling Brothers circus was in town again. As always they were protested by animal rights activists outraged by beatings and abuse the animals receive onstage and off.

This year the elepants caught a break as the infamous bullhook-escorted parade through DC streets was cancelled. Supposedly a delayed train was credited for this. PETA had planned to greet the parade with protests, so this claim may or may not be true. PETA then changed plans to have three beaten and bloodied "elephants" lead their March 20 protest.

The person I spoke too was not part of PETA so I do not know what they actually did, but other animal rights activists settled down to show up every night with signs and fliers for circusgoers about the abuse the animals get in the circus. This year projection on the walls was not used as the team that runs the projector was not available. The protests were low-key but clearly visible.

Unlike in prior years there were no reports at least from my source of any police or security guard harassment whatsoever. Maybe doing goon duty for Ringlings just isn't worth the hassles in court.