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     This week's show features stories from Radio Havana Cuba, NHK World Radio Japan, Radio Deutsche-Welle, and Sputnik Radio.
    From CUBA- Cuban President Raoul Castro warned that ending the US economic blockade of Cuba will require continued international pressure. In Nicaragua, construction of a new inter-oceanic canal got underway, with completion expected in 2019. The Non-aligned Movement has rejected the US sanctions against Venezuelan officials. Palestinian officials say that international donors have not given any of the money they pledged in Cairo to rebuild the destruction from this summer's Israeli war. The UN Security Council will vote before the end of the year on a draft resolution calling for recognition of the Palestinian state.
     From JAPAN- Israel and Hamas militants have exchanged fire near the border of the Gaza Strip. The international Arms Trade Treaty has gone into effect, though the US has not ratified it, and Russia and China haven't signed it. Nuclear regulators in Japan have begun drafting guidelines for the disposal of high level nuclear waste. North Korea continues to deny involvement in a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures. The average world temperature for 2014 is the highest on record, and increases in abnormal weather is predicted.
     From GERMANY-  The German President called on people to be open to immigrants, following increasing anti-Islamic street demonstrations around the country. Ukraine's Parliament  voted to take steps toward joining NATO and ceasefire talks on Wednesday stalled. The EU was happy that there are plans in the US to lift lifetime bans on blood donations from the gay population. Cuban President Raoul Castro said that Cuba will not change its political system of communism.
     From RUSSIA- An interview with Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant US Treasury Secretary on what President Obama has achieved while in office. An interview with Christof Herstel, German economist, who accuses 4 international cartels of causing the current extreme devaluation of the Russian currency, the rouble.
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