Gaza protesters block entry to Towson Mall N of Baltimore

Video: Black Friday Gaza protest blocks Towson Mall entrance 38 sec

On November 24, Protesters blocked the entrance to Towson Mall. The cops were called Zionists in chants after pushing them to the sidewalk for the benefit Black Friday shoppers.

This was part of a wave of Black Friday protests for Gaza from coast to coast across Turtle Island.

This as a short cease-fire and prisoner exchange is allowing some hostages held both in Israel's jails and those held by Hamas to return home, three held by Israel (holding 1,500) for every hostage held by Hamas (holding 240 initially). First exchange was 24 Israelis freed and 39 Palestinians freed, hopefully more to come.Still, Israel says they plan two more months of war after this pause is over. Protesters are demanding a permanent cease-fire.

Protesters at Towson Mall north of Baltimore

Elsewhere: Mall of the Americas disrupted, both this and the Towson action are part of coast to coast Black Friday actions rocking Turtle Island today

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