IfNotNow/JVP blockade of DNC gets violent police assault, DNC evacuates in fear

Incredible footage of the DNC blockade, including the closeup of the blockade that proves the cops and Bran Sherman are lying 3min 30 sec

Early video of the violent police assault, and analysis of the lies that followed 1 min 37 sec

On the 15th of November, an IfNotNow/JVP blockade of the DNC's doors was met with overwhelming police violence and pepper spray. At least one person was thrown down the stairs. Online trolls and pro-Israel members of Congress claimed that protesters were storming not blockading the building, video evidence says otherwise. Some even claimed this was an "insurrection," as MTG did a month ago, With Dems believeing their own hype, the DNC was evacuated.

The IfNotNow Movement and Jewish Voice for Peace vigil outside and door blockade of the Democratic National Committee was to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.

The response was an astounding display of official and unofficial fury and venom. Someone reportedly overheard one of the Dems telling the police to "use full force." They did: cops muscled in on the blockade, and at least one person was physically thrown down the stairs. There was a report of "bear mace" most likely the big fire extinguisher-based mace soakers used by riot cops in DC.

Report is that the DNC was at least partially evacuated as cops and CongressCritters believed their own hype.

After this scrum was over, matters got even nastier! First came a "false kettle" where cops surround protesters but do not follow through with a mass arrest. After that, the trolls on social media started up, no doubt with planted stories ready to roll. Congressman Brad Sherman(D-CA maybe D-Tel Aviv?) went so far as to claim on Birdchan(AKA Twitter/X) to claim that activists pepper sprayed the cops, instead of police mace blowing back on them with the wind as so often happens.

It seems Brad Sherman would be more at home on the MAGA side of the house. He is attempting to gaslight the whole country, being one of the sources of the claim that those clearly seen on video blocking the doors with locked arms were instead trying to storm the building. It's hard to pepper spray a cop with both hands busy locking arms!

Claims by Rep Sherman and others that protesters tried to storm thge building are contradicted by what is clearly shown on video to be a blockade. The author of this report was in plenty of building stormings with Occupy DC about a decade ago and in later pipeline protests. I've also seen hundreds of blockades, and this was a blockade. An attempt to storm the building would have run straight into the blockaders and ended in complete failure. Clearly Congressman Brad Sherman is nothing but a gaslighting liar.

Riffing on the spurious "storming" charge, we even have trolls calling this an insurrection, though no weapons are present other than those of the cops! There are no shields, no gas masks, none of the protective gear our fighters wore during the Uprising (our 2020 Intifada) or in later battles with the Proud Boys. This was clearly a protest and judging by the equipment and markings used was intended to be peaceful.

Well, I guess the though of standing up for Gaza is more than Genocide Joe's Democrats (should we call them autocrats?) can stand. Already they are screaming about the sheer volume of calls they are getting demanding a ceasefire, while clearly they support a total wipeout of Gaza.

Still from the video, from Haneefsaeed's clip proving the fight was a violent police attack on a blockade

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