Civil Rights protesters block DC 295, march through Anacostia

On the 19th of December, on 4 hours notice, civil rights protesters assembled in Anacostia,marched onto the 11th St Bridge, and held traffic. From there they marched onto DC 295 and blockaded traffic, though not holding any one line of cars directly for more than a few minutes. The cops themselves blocked traffic far longer, but the entire freeway action was deliberately limited to one hour. Local participants were nervous about mass arrests, so organizers reminded everyone of DC's "3 warning" law for arresting protesters.

After the blockade ended, protesters marched back into Anacostia and up Good Hope Road, bound for a 7PM youth summit to discuss next steps. Although in the streets, this march was structured as an educational event, and every effort was made to get cheering bystanders to join the march

Video of protesters on the 11th st Bridge and DC 295

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