Opponents of Cop City(Atlanta) reply to indictments with hard lockdown stopping construction

Video from inside the lockdown 2 min 4 sec

On the 7th of September, the Atlanta community sent a "fuck you, Russian warship!" style message to the prosecutors behind the Sep 5 grand jury indictments of 61 heroes for opposing the project. Activists invaded the construction site and locked down to bulldozers while passing motorists honked at a support rally.

This action was a two-part protest, featuring a support rally at the roadside, and a hard lockdown to at least one bulldozer with chains by faith community activists to shut the site down.

This is a real "put up or shut up" moment, and activists just "put up" in a very big way. Check out this written statement from one of today's five arrestees:

“This is a war happening against protesters

“If we don’t stand up for our right to protest now, standing up in the future will be vain. Cop City is in the process of being built, and this can only continue if we allow it.”

In other words: no more crap, no more lies, just payback and utterly committed direct action in the face of the most extreme personal risks: Fuck You, Fascist Prosecutor!


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