DC Drag Defenders hold ground, defeat attempt by street preachers to push through

Video: defenders hold the line as bigoted street preachers try to charge through 54 sec

On the 26th of August, drag defenders kept a sold-out drag show at Aunt Helen's in Washington DC safe, defeating an attempt by hatemongering street preachers to invade at least their space if not the venue behind them. Defenders deployed umbrellas to shield families with children from the potentially doxxing cameras of the Christian extremist preachers and their allies.

Near the end of the show, the attackers crossed the street and in what appears to have been a determined attack started pushing and attempting to break the line of defenders. Several umbrellas broke under the assault, but determined defenders held the line. The show was uninterrupted, and all attendees and performers kept safe.

It seems that street preachers and Christian hate cults are playing a major role at least on the East Coast if not nationwide in harassing drag shows and Pride events. It was hate preachers from another "official street preachers" style outfit that showed up on August 13 at an all ages drag event in Lakeland, at St Petersburg, FL Pride, and assaulted a child at Pasco Pride again in Florida.

Umbrellas up!

The Christo-fash

Christo-Fascists barging in

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