MAGA extremists, counterprotesters descend on DC Federal courthouse as Trump arraigned

Video by Iron Snowflake: Scene at DC Federal court as Trump surrenders 4 min 11 sec

Video by John Zangas/DC Media Group: Chaotic scene outside the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse 2 min 51 sec

Trump's appearance at DC's E Barret Prettyman Federal courthouse created a circus atmosphere outside, MAGA meatheads protested Trump's indictment for three major felonies stemming from his failed Jan 6 2021 coup attempt. They were in turn counterprotested by DC residents and others who were not pleased to Trumpers return to DC given the known history of violence Nov 14 2020-Jan 6 2021.

Trump is a literal flight risk owning his own jet (shown taking off after Trump left the courthouse in bonus footage from DC Media Group), having plenty of money and the ability to run home to Putin at any time. Anyone else getting a third felony while out on release from two others would face an almost guaranteed hold, yet Trump was permitted to literally fly away back to Miami and his fellow coup plotters there.

Video by Iron Snowflake

Video by John Zangas/DC Media Group

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