Generation Ratify stages blockade of Constitution Ave in DC for ERA

Video of blockade arrests by Anthony Peltier 2 min 52 sec

On July 24, Generation Ratify blocked DC's Constitution Ave to support ratification of the ERA(Equal Rights Amendment). Twenty or more activists set up the blockade, while maybe 5 members of the forced-birth group PAAU (the fetus stealers) tried to counterprotest but were ineffective. Two pro-ERA blockaders were arrested

This is PAAU (so-called "progressive anti-abortion uprising" but heavily religious) counterprotesting the pro-ERA protest.

Notice the demand for fetal personhood, which would allow women to be executed in death penalty states for self-managed abortion.

"fetus" displayed by PAAU. This one is most likely fake, but they have been known to steal real ones from clinics, apparently for baptism and burial in most cases. Some of them have done time for this.

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