Beyond Extreme Energy protests use of corroded pipe in resurrected Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Video from BXE's raw footage 3 min 7 sec

On the 20th of July, Beyond Extreme Energy and residents of the area near the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP)project protested first at FERC, then at the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

Direct action teams are again working to block MVP construction after Manchin rammed it through as part of a budget bill. Someone noticed that rusted pipe segments are being used without repair in the ongoing attempts to finish the pipeline.

The 42 inch diameter pipeline sections the MVP's builders are seeking to put into use have been out in the rain, snow, and sun as long as 6 years in some cases. They've also been in floodwaters and standing water. Pipeline safety experts and even some of the MVP's own staffers have warned that just one year or even six months in the open can damage the protective coating meant for use underground. Once that occurs, the piple can rust through, and when a big high pressure gas pipeline rusts through an explosion at the pipeline may be the least serious case. Slow leaks into basements can actually worse as then houses are what blow up. One more way natural gas can blow up your house.

FERC is the infamous Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, once again turned into the pipeline industry's biggest rubber stamp, this time by Sen Joe Manchin. If Manchin things environmentalist are going to knock on doors for him in W Va in his next re-election, he must be hallucinating.

Still from BXE video

Still from BXE video

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