Climate Defiance shuts down, drives off Mary Repco in Rayburn Building

Video: Climate Defiance shuts down Mary Repko's meeting at price of 9 arrests 2 min 20 sec

On the 19th of July, Climate Defiance got inside the Rayburn Building and again shut down a Biden administration official responsible for approving more fossil fuel projects. This time the target was Deputy National Climate Advisor Mary Repko. She packed up and quit the field like all the others driven off by Climate Defiance.

Around Noon, Mary Repko was holding a lunchtime meeting of the so-called "House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition" at the Rayburn Building. Climate Defiance showed up, and demanded she publicly oppose the Willow Project, a major propose Alaska oil drilling project. They called out the Biden administration (her boss) for approving new fossil fuel projects at a faster pace than even Donald Trump.

Instead of answering questions, she and her flunkies packed up and adjourned the meeting. When they cannot explain themselves to the public, they take the ball and go home it seem!

Nine climate activists were arrested, but once again Climate Defiance has put closet fossil fuel promotors to flight.

Still from Climate Defiance video

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