Protest held for brutalized Tampa 5 student protesters before court hearing

Video including defendents speaking on this ugly case 1 min 37 sec

On the 12th of July, protests were held all over the US for the Tampa 5, who were beaten, arrested, and charged w felonies for a peaceful protest at the University of S Florida on March 6. One of these protests was directly outside the courthouse, and the defendents spoke to the rally before going inside for what sounded like a status hearing.

The original incident was a brutal police response to a peaceful protest inside the University of S Florida President's office.

Despite many videos of the police brutality, prosecutors attempted to offer a plea bargain where the victims of the brutality would be expected to "apologize" to their uniformed assailants. All of them refused the "deal." In response, additional felony charges were laid on, increasing maximum theoretical prison time for some of the defendents to 20 years.

The Tampa 4 case, the Florida 4 case, and the Tallahassee Occupy warrants are all trial runs for wholesale repression of all peaceful protest in Florida-and nationwide. DeSantis is a Fascist, and this is what Fascists do. Only thing is, if protest is outlawed, only outlaws can protest.

Protesters outside the courthouse in Tampa, FL

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