"Justice" Alito gets a July 4 residential protest

Video-protesters show up, cops do not at Alito's house on July 4 1 min 4 sec

With all the fireworks of hate coming from the Supreme Court, some protesters decided to show up at "Justice" Alito's house. The usual cops were NOT present at Alito's house, suggesting that they are present only when protesters are expected and this time around caught them by surprise.

Alito was a well-picked target, as in the leaked draft of the Dobbs decision Alito cited notorious 17th century jurist Matthew Hale. Matthew Hale is famous for having two women executed for witchcraft as well as originating the doctrine that rape was legal within marriage. This earned Hale's follower Alito the "witchburner" name.

Protesters showed up at Alito's house on July 4, cops didn't

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